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One night in DI | DI一夜

The 24 crew rocked up to Edison's party for a few beers. Unfortunately it rained as soon as we arrived. We all went down to another floor where they had a DJ etc. It was hot and smoky as hell. The lifts also sucked badly but we had a good time. We ran into Eason and all decided to hit Dragon-i for a few more. So out whole crew or some 14 people head for central from Aberdeen. DI was rocking as usual. We ran into Jaycee and a few of the usual suspects. Thanks to Carl for the photos below. Peace.

| Herbs一群人去了Edison的party喝啤酒...Read more

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24 Sessions

We have been recording a lot recently and working hard on our album. Yesterday we had a few interviews, for Touch Mag and also Dong Fong. Not sure when they will be out but we will post it up once its out. More than likely, some of them will be writing about the swear words in the songs but we hope that is not their main subject as that is certainly not our selling point.

They asked us why we have swear words in the songs. We basically felt as we are not under the thumb of any record company, we can release what we want.  Some felt that ...Read more

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Top Crowd !

Our section is right after Paul on this video with the whole crowds waving.

We are in the process of recording more songs and we check out a few place to have our launch party during the weekend. We've been non stop writing and a little drinking... and maybe a little partying... but we hope to have the album finish soon. Will keep you all informed. Thanks again for the support.

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBSwFX0iZic


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Beats Magazine Article

Thanks to Beats Magazine's Anita Lam for a great review about Let's FIght and 24Herbs. We are so proud we had to put her quote in the blog !

"...... Yet the evening's true highlight was 24 Herbs' hard hip hop flows, The crowd went crazy over their Canto raps and chanted "ya sei mei" (24herbs) as they went out the door."

Loving the support !! Cheers !!

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HK Magazine

A photo from last HK Mag article. Thanks for the support HK Mag.

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Check out these photos from the REAL party, 24herbs were in the house to support 24herb Ghost Style who rocked the show with Kwokkin. Good fun, friends and turned out to be a night out. Check it (photos by Jacky@mousseTV).

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Stella McCartney Party

After our rehearsal, the 24 boys hit the Stella Mc party. It was a Lane Crawford party held in a warehouse space in Aberdeen. As we were very late, we missed seeing Stella Mc and there was apparently a band from the UK also but we missed that too, but lucky we weren't too late for a few drinks. It was good catching up and partying with some old friends. Needless to say some of the boys carried on till way too late and up with nasty hangovers the next morning. Doh !

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Let's Fight Finale Song Round I

Super fun night! Here's a clip of the finale song. Peace y'all!

Video: Let's Fight Finale Song 1

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Let's Fight !!!!

We want to thank everyone for the support. It was one of the greatest feeling ever to play to our home town crowd, and boy, what an audience. To have all our homies there was just completely DOPE !! Damn !! We had such a good time in round one, we wished we could have play round 2 as well !!

Check out some shots.

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u may find...

If you're overseas and would like one sent to you, pls email:

brian@8five2.com (Al...Read more

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