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Wild Day Out Rehearsal | Wild Day Out彩排

We did our rehearsal last night around 830pm. It was good, we tested our video show also and it was dope. Seeing our logo on a giant screen almost brought tears to our eyes. Our show time is 5pm. We will play only around 20mins as they all they can allow due to so many acts. We are looking forward to it. Hope to see you all there ! Pls come before 5pm !!

| 昨晚8:30我們去彩排了,非常順利,試播了我們的MV,可真棒。看到我們的巨大LOGO出現在超大屏幕上,真是刺激眼球。我們的演出5點開始,僅表演20分鐘,因為有太多歌手和節目。期待明天的演出,希望能見到你們!請在下午5點前到場!!

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i need to make a light up sign between now and tomorrow afternoon...
almost 16 years ago
we are looking forward to it, hope we don't mess it up ! rottendoubt, we are playing Respect Tou Pok Kai but because no swearing it allowed, we have changed to "Respect chou OK"... haaa see you tomorrow !
almost 16 years ago


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