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Wild Day Out !

Thanks for the support everyone ! We had an amazing time at the Wild Day Out gig. A big thank you to Wow Music and San Mig. We got there around 4pm and checked out the audience and they were quite hot as it was a beautiful sunny day. We were a little worried as they looked like they were there for the pop singers and boy bands. There is nothing worse for performers to see and audience just standing there for their whole performance. Our show time was delayed but it was a blessing as we go the slot right on sunset. It was a beautiful sunset on the harbor as we hit the stage and it went dark as soon as we started which was perfect for the stage videos we had spent so much time and effort on. The crowd was AMAZING, we got the audience moving big time ! We were told there are some 10,000 but I have no idea if that's correct. Etchy got some videos of it and we will certainly upload it very soon. Thanks again to all our friends in the audience that shouted out for us !! You guys give us the confidence to rock it ! More tomorrow.

|  謝謝各位支持! 我們在Wild Day Out演出非常開心,十分感謝Wow Music和San Mig。我們大概4點到的,觀眾非常熱情,因為是美麗晴朗的周日。我們開始有點擔心,看起來這些人是為流行歌手和男孩組合而來,沒什麽比看到觀眾站在那兒等臺上的表演者演出結束更加難過的了。我們的演出時間推晚了,但剛好在日落時分開始。真是美麗的海港日落,我們表演時,天色暗下來,舞臺大屏幕播放我們的心血之作MV,效果更棒。人群開始沸騰,我們的演出贏得了巨大反響! 他們說有1萬人到場,不曉得是不是真的。Etchy拍了一些片段,我們會盡快傳上來。再次感謝所有朋友到場為我們吶喊!! 是你們給了我們極大信心! 明天接著寫。

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definitely more than 10,000! great job guys! you definitely had the best use of the video screens...
over 16 years ago
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Saw the video you loaded. Wish I was there. Looked awesome!!!
over 16 years ago


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