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Terry Richardson

Boy we are lucky. We got shot by Wing Sha a few weeks ago and Wing put those shots of us in his exhibition a few weeks ago. Last week, we were lucky enough to get shoot by Terry Richardson. We were a little worried about Terry's shoot as we really had no idea what he might do. Frankly we were a little worried that we had to show our model like bodies..... The shoot turned out to be really fun, lets just say we had a few swords, a hangman's noose, a handgun and a mask. Of course we have no idea whether the shot will be good or not cause we might never see it ! If we are really lucky, we will make his next book but only time will tell... Check out our pics from the shoot.

| 我們很幸運。夏永康幾周前幫我們拍照,照片還在他的影展上展出。上周榮幸地由Terry Richardson拍照,當時有點擔心,不知道該怎麽做。坦白說有點怕要我們展示身體……但其實過程十分有趣,透露幾個詞:一個劊子手的套索、一把手槍和一副面具。還不知道效果如何,因為我們都還沒看到!如果我們夠幸運,將出現在他的下本書中…請欣賞照片。

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i'm still having nightmares about that 'doll'...
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