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MTV Party

Better late then never. We had a dope night at MTV party. Other then power cut half way through a song, the show went down really well. It was a very mixed crowd and a little hard to get moving but by the end of our set, they were jumping. DJ Yodie spun for us as DorYuk was away on holiday so he miss the fun. Thanks to Etchy again for uploading video !

| 晚總比沒有好。MTV party超級棒。除了一首歌中間突然斷電外,演出非常順利。擠滿了人,要移動有點困難,但到了演出最後,觀眾都是跳著的。DJ Yodie為我們打碟,DorYuk休假了,他錯過了好時光。再次感謝Etchy上傳視頻!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF392SFyVg0

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Etchy! with an 'E'! ;-)
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Apologies, corrected !
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