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Burgers | 漢堡

Ghost and me (DorYuk) was working on our beats the other day and we decided to check out the new burger joint near my studio. Its called Shake em Buns... not sure if its spelt correctly. Eugene had warned us against it as he said it was spongy and not quite as good as White Spot. We decided to try anyway. We got 2 Hawaiian burgers with chips and a salad to "balance" our meal. It was like $120 each. I am not sure what Ghost Styles think but mine was spongy and not quite as good as White Spot. I should have listened to Eugene.

| 前幾天Ghost和我(DorYuk)正在做節奏,決定試試錄音室附近新開的漢堡店,名字叫”Shake em Buns”…不曉得拼寫對不對。Eugene警告過我們別吃這家,他說面包太松,不如White Spot家的好吃。但我們決定試試,點了兩個夏威夷漢堡和薯條,還有一盤沙拉做調劑,每人花了大概120元。不知道Ghost Styles怎麽感覺,我也覺得面包太軟,遠不如White Spot,早知道應該聽Eugene的。

| 前几天Ghost和我(DorYuk)正在做节奏,决定试试录音室附近新开的汉堡店,名字叫”Shake em Buns”…不晓得拼写对不对。Eugene警告过我们别吃这家,他说面包太松,不如White Spot家的好吃。但我们决定试试,点了两个夏威夷汉堡和薯条,还有一盘沙拉做调剂,每人花了大概120元。不知道Ghost Styles怎么感觉,我也觉得面包太软,远不如White Spot,早知道应该听Eugene的。

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which part was spongy? the meat or the bun?
almost 13 years ago
Photo 1831
Same question as Etchy. haha
almost 13 years ago
the meat was spongy. the bun was fine.
almost 13 years ago
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Eww...spongy burgers? That's gross!
almost 13 years ago
Stephen 93 stephen
Awesome name .. too bad the burgers didn't measure up. White Spot burgers kick ass... Hey, how about some beer&beer photos? I wanna check that spot out some time...
almost 13 years ago


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