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Album Launch Delay No More !! | 專輯發布Delay No More!!

Wooooo ! What a night, we had a ball. The show was really fun, the place was packed and from what we have been told we did a good job. So many people turned up to see us. We were really feeling the love. We ended up partying till 5am. We are also really happy to see our album HK side at  HMV, HK Records etc. We haven't yet had reports from the Kowloon side but it should all be in the right stores thanks to East Asia. Seeing our big poster up at HMV is a really nice feeling.

Big thank you to Ben, Douglas, Cherry, Leung Dong, Gill, Greg, and the whole G.O.D / Delay No Mall crew. Big thanks to all the AnD boys for coming to support and getting our album up for sale at the same time as our HK release. Thanks also to all the local Hip Hoppers for showing their support. I hope we didn't let the ball down. Way too many people to thank so we'll leave it here. Check out some pics below.

| 哇哦!美好的夜晚,我們發布了新專輯。演出非常開心,擠滿了人,由此判斷我們的演出成功了。來了很多人,我們感受到了大家的支持。一直玩到淩晨5點。真開心看到我們的新專輯在香港島HMV、HK Records等唱片行開始售賣。還沒得到來自九龍的報告,但一定也已經上架了,感謝East Asia。在HMV看到我們的大幅海報感覺真不錯。

非常感謝Ben、Douglas、Cherry、Leung Dong、Gill、Greg和G.O.D / Delay No Mall全體工作人員。非常感謝AnD男生們的到場支持,以及在同一時間開始專輯的線上銷售。還要感謝本地Hip Hop迷前來支持,希望我們沒有辜負各位的期望。有太多人要感謝,一下子說不完。看照片吧。

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great job guys!
over 16 years ago
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Great job guys! Congrats!! :)
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