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Ping xing shanghai - Dj B-KUT DVD - Beijing

Been for while, i didn't "blog" something, because no many things today and also busy time for me... Ping xing shanghai (平行上海) still on post-production, even if some people give up to do the special effects... so i must do 90 % of special effects by myself..... Not easy alone...Dj B-KUT will release his dvd mix-tape in December, if  i don't mistake it. he ask me to do the menu DVD, and also shoot some bonus. its fun to do something for him!![](/attachments/2010/10/10/09/49112_201010100928382.thumb.jpg)And also.... Its my last week in Shanghai, in 6 days, i'm leaving for Beijing and start a new life there! So many things to take care of before leaving... and even after -_-i have to go do take some footage of shanghai (need some database for the future)cya!!

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Photo 419112
Mixtape DvD gonna be mid 2011 now !! have to concentrate on new things still need u for the menu though ;) Love uuuuu !!!! lol
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