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my dvd's collection is coming home!!!

When i heard that a friend will come live and work in shanghai, i called him for tell him go to my parents home and take some dvds, that i take care a lot!

so i gave a list of only 5 movies....

he came to my home today, and give me a small bag with... 4 dvds... and not all is the dvds i ask for...

he said... my father gave him a big box with all dvds!!!

of course , it was to heavy for take it with him ( and the overload was 25 euros/Kg)

So he sent the box by the post before he come to shanghai....

I can't wait to get all my collection dvd beside me ><!!!!

some of them, dont exist anymore or maybe in second hand (specialy for korean edition)

Only 4 dvds he could take with him T-T

lost memories with a very good book (too bad its in korean...)

I bought some many dvds that i didnt remember i bought this one.....

the legendary police story trilogy with a photo album


So im still waiting for my box with all my collection!!! Hurry up!!!

Ps: all this dvds was bought by import...

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