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zhou le

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ho my!!! It's been a while !!!

Hey!! ITs been a while since my last Post oo!!! I got really really busy these months , i work as VFX director for a Chinese tv serie, almost 3 month shooting in Hengdian studio and Shanghai and 1 day before i come back to Beijing Li tong called me for shoot her MV in Shanghai. So yes , today i got time to write something and tomorrow again i will be busy for 2 weeks and also maybe go again on shooting in hengdian end of august.i promise i will upload pictures of my two last jobs but here some "Free" sample!Hengdian studio shooting 《杀狼花》(sha lang hua) literally mean "flower wolf killer" ( i don't know the official English title)Li Tong MV (the girl's arm in the right is actually Loan)  --Stay tuned!

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
Patrick Lee says :
li tong!
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Elena dd unset 18
elena ng says :
nice@ cant wait to c the video
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Photo 80548
I wanna work with you in the near future!!
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