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Cold Stone and Game park @ Beijing Part 2

After a really big and good ice cream, Patrick join us for go play some arcade game!! :D

even here no need explain... the picture speak by themself....

I will win at street fighter VI!!!...

...I will give to all my ennemies a dragon punch, like this one!! "sho ryu ken!!"

"woa, woa, woa"


Patrick so happy will dance at... a kind of korean DDR (i dont know the name)

"Yeah!! i got the big fish!!! All coins will be for me!!!"

"SH*T... lost it... damn! no coins anymore T-T"

Patrick is a good dancer... believe me :P

Mio is good at ..this.... idontknowthename's game....

I got really a nice saturday with all of you!! Thanks :)

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