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終於都去醫了。。。痛得我。。。只好用數腳毛來打發精神,不想自己有多疼。弄完過後師父問我:“妳一定很痛是嗎?雖然妳沒叫出來!”。 我皺起眉頭問他: “為甚麼你會那樣說呢?”。 師父說: “因為妳整個嘴唇都蒼白了,不信妳自己昭昭鏡子”。

Sprinted too fast in one of the scenes during 《Speechless》 film shoot in China. I failed to brake before a turn and down the stairs I went. Used my right hand to hold on to a reel but my right arm was not strong enough to prevent my body from rolling down the stairs. My left arm automatically tried to hold the bodyweight. But nope, still down the stairs I went. After the fall, my right arm looked normal apart from just being a little swollen. My left wrist was painful and my back was deadly painful. A fellow actor soaked his hands on icy cold water and rested his hands on my lower back to prevent swelling. JESUS it was sooooooooooo painful I couldn't help but wailed for my life. I was literally in tears. But oh well, 5 minutes later I was back in front of camera. Apart from my left wrist, upper and lower back, there were no apparent bruises on my right arm, nothing. Yet since then, I haven't been able to write or hold heavy weights. Since I still needed to continue with the shooting schedule, I pretty much ignored the injuries.

2 weeks have passed and the last few days, my whole body felt like it was in pieces. IN much agony I went to bake myself in sauna.

WOA LA LA .....Today I found myself with these bruises all over my upper body. Yea... cool hey...

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