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May's Birthday celebration and Spontaneous Combustions' catch up dinner

Last night Spontaneous Combustion met up for a long delayed catch up. Everybody was there it was such a bliss to see everybody again. The food was great and it was also to celebrate May's birthday. I am sure she figured it out but she pretended she did not know at all. It was fun. Then we went on for a walk to the bridges... location scouting for Love Hurts or so we called it. Haha... when do we ever let a chance to work slip, huh? But here are some pictures. It was fun... : ) First picture of course is:The director holding up the rather belated award handing but we are proud. SO MUCH FOOD~~~Stephanie is always shining bright~Deng Lei Lei and Me~We had a guest with us, guess who? Tsang Chung.SC rocks~ Till... something seemed to .... ..... the director... Fiction story:Thomas: "Oh... I FORGOT THE CAKE in the fridge at home!"May: "WHAT????"Andrew: "I don't want to think what's coming next~"Stephanie: "I am going to record this~~~"Hahaha... just joking..... (watch Thomas' face, like a kid with his X'MAS present. You don't get to see it often~ usually he's the very responsible director. Even May and Stephanie were happy to watch this BIG kid. At least I was).MABY LEE (My Baby May Lee?)Best pics of the night:Fiction:Thomas: "Why did you suggest that?"May: "I think it's a great idea... Let's do this!"(Fiction: Thomas trying to reason with May and May was not convinced...)Couple praying~(Fiction: Thomas may just be praying "just bloody blow the candle... it's a 3Lbs cake... my hands is shaking...." hahaha)May was still wishing~praying~ "God... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!"MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE, MAYGotta take pics with Stephanie~~And the girls~~Sorry I haven't been blogging often enough~ Just me recently  Be cheery~ For life is worth celebrating~ May all the love and goodness be spread to each and every one of us~ When you are happy and feeling good, you attract things that sustain that good feeling and lift you up more and more with joy~Right before dinner~ ok, I am good to go~##Have a HAPPY Chinese New Year and a romantic VALENTINE's DAY, people. 

With warmth and love, Y3

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