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Innocence of a teenager

Suddenly feel like listening to TITANIC's theme song "My Heart Will Go On". this song sometimes makes me feel sad or nostalgic however, right now I feel that it brings sweetness. I guess, I was almost happiest around that time too... First time I really fell head over heels over someone. I have loved, deeply, bravely and completely too since then but never so innocently anymore. Recently, I am getting that feeling again. Falling in love innocently, loving someone like a child. Having that innocence is God's grace. As we grow up, we start losing that innocence we used to have as a kid. Therefore, I am glad I get to feel that way again. Innocent.

It is actually a wonderful feeling. The world looks beautiful all of sudden. It surrounds you, rotate around you and you spin like a kid. The laughter and the joy of a kid... that preliminary feeling that I started to lose as I grew up and became more and more mature as days passed.

Yea, it's God's grace and a blessing to be innocent and plain like a blank paper. ^_^ Thank you, Lord.


所以現在突然能回到那種狀態是否不該感謝神呢?對吧?謝謝媽媽斷鏈我成為一個那麼豪強的女性。沒有媽媽的培養,今天我是熬不過來的。媽媽,我愛你。^_^ 青春就应该这样绽放

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