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a malay song

Recently I found a song on my notebook, a malay song, I dun even know how it got there... coz I never heard of it before. I haven't turned on my notebook for almost half a year now I guess.

Here goes the song, translated of course... literally.


I, who is weak without you prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

I, who is shattered because

of your vanished love

which is capable of holding me up


as long as these eyes are open

Till this heart stops pumping

For that long too

I am able to remember you


With you from you, I have found life

To me you are real love


(to me you are the only real love)


Chorus:       If what is written for me

Is the best for you

I will make you a memory

The most beautiful memory in my life


But it will not be easy for me

Leaving the footpath of my life

Which has been eternally engraved

As the most beautiful memory



Repeat chorus


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i just translated it myself coz i speak malay though not well... i dunno the title of the song
about 15 years ago


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