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A different Yung Yung, one never seen part 1

When first casted on Snowblade, I was told it'd be an intense kungfu martial art movie, one that is darkgore and harshBey, the director was so convinced that I was not the one to do his film after our first meetingIt started with intense training with Mak Shifu in central For some reason, he stuck with me anyway....The training beginsSo did everything else that followed7 1/2 hrs hair extension begins along with other painful regime that Bey put me thru...But the result was worth itAs I look a lady once againBefore leaving to Nanhai I went to see Karmapa's conferenceTranquility in my heart though I have heard a lot about Bey and some comments that left me not at ease... what others may view me as...Next day off I went on a bus to Guang Zhou with Bey and Mak shifu and the others, didn't sleep the night before.. so I was exhaustedShangrila the place we stayed was nice...Very quiet neighbourhood with only 20%occupancyThis is the apartment block we stayed inI was still sleepy... u can see my swollen eyesMy room is cool, esp after a few touch up here and therePretty much got this apartment to myselfVicky, Bey's PA misspelled a word and it has been the trend since then to misspell everything.Apparently the sizes are WAY too big for me... I am drowned in my costume..The actor and the DirectorTrying on the make up...Like usual, I like my profileMade friends with Rayni, head make up artistThe training continued... with Mak Shifu on the charge

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