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31dec07 11.50pm

It's 11.50pm now. Yup Yup... 10 minutes before new year. I am supposed to be in Malaysia by now. But a friend dislocated his ankle so the flight gets postponed till tomorrow. I am not sure if I still want to go now since it has defeated the whole purpose of having a new year count down in Malaysia. I am at home now, being a good girl, waiting for phone calls from friends and family overseas. I am not out with friends who mostly celebrate the new year count down at some clubs. See... I need my beauty sleep , so I am going off soon after the calls.

2008, hopefully it'd be a year full of breakthroughs and opportunities. I have made a list of new year's resolution lists. haha... like a friend, I am actually indulging on some things in the past few days that I have decided to not include them in the future. This is the first new year in my life that I spend ALL ALONE BY MYSELF!!!! TOTALLY BY MYSELF! LITERALLY! haha.... but I am happy to look forward to 2008.

Happy New Year to everybody! BE happy guys! May love and luck fill our lives!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvPMITo9y_s

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