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Saturday, Dec 11, 2010 6:28AM

This is an obituary that I wrote for the last home work in Jeanne's Acting Pro Workshop. It's gotta be less than 200 words, a personal experience and without name. I guess since I have written it, why not share it anyways?


I love you loving me, your warmth, the sparkle in your tender eyes when you gazed at me. I love hiding between your arms, smelling the subtle flowery smell of that softener you use for your laundry. I love the way you strengthened me when I felt I had no one else I could trust, turned or even talked to. Your caressing me calmed me even in the front of tragedy. I love you just the way you are to me. I was content and I felt complete.

I am scared that you'd leave me and my world will stop right there and right then. My body aches and my head gets heavy imagining it.

Here, in these last hours, suddenly I am… cold. Still, I remember your touch and your smell. I guess I have been missing you. I am still missing you and I know I will always be missing you. If chronic pain, fuzziness, heavy chest and head which is taking over most of my senses now and slowly my life were to be the price I have to pay to lay between your arms again, I would still feel it was worth every bit of it. Maybe my wish is I could stay just a little longer like that ... or forever maybe?MSN空间完美搬家到新浪博客!

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