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周星驰先生绝对是我的偶像...相信不少人也曾经像我一样,看着他许许多多的经典喜剧电影长大的。他对我说自己一直对中国功夫情有独钟,以后的部分创作也会跟功夫有关,那天的交谈很愉快,希望早日能跟星爷合作!期待中...Finally i got to meet my idol Stephen chow ... he told me likes Chinese kungfu a lot and he got plans to do more movies with kungfu as well, we had a nice chat from that day...I'm looking forward to work with him some day!!! 

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nice! and you wore the shirt! :-D
over 9 years ago
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I hope you do get a chance. If he needs another landlady (a Western version) let me know!
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