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《龙门飞甲》3D First 3D action film of China

今天是《龙门飞甲》上映的第一天,请大家走进电影院支持我们中国人自己的3D大片!我在片中饰演反派 西场杀手赵通。兄弟姐妹们都来给捧个场啊...龙门一定不会让你失望的!

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i'll see it in HK, i need the subtitles to follow the story. :-P
over 9 years ago
恭喜兄弟! 一定到到电影院一睹你的银幕风采....
over 9 years ago
Photo 490027
Awh, I'm so jealous of you. You got to be it the remake ot Tsui Hark's Dragon Gate Inn.
over 9 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
congrats!! very cool! =D
over 9 years ago
Photo 23318
恭喜啦 little bro! ;-)
over 9 years ago
thank you so much !!!
over 9 years ago
Photo 105033
Nice....missed you - was wondering what you were up to. great you doing some action work.
over 9 years ago
Thanks, nice information!
almost 5 years ago


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