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Notes from the Other Side: Part 6

Blind Submission Blinds You

Sometimes, I cast multiple projects at once – and I really appreciate talents submit themselves because they feel right for the role. (Which means, read the breakdown, and know exactly what they are submitting to) I don’t think actors should submit to everything and anything for the sake of exposure. Actors shouldn’t submit to projects if they have conflicts with Audition and Production dates. Experienced actors pretty much master the “Breakdown Scan” technique; with once glance, they get all the information they needed to determine if they should submit to the project.

An incident happened this morning. I’m currently casting two projects. The first project I was looking for a leading female – because we open the role to all ethnicity, I got 60+ submissions within 2 hours (and the number doubled in the morning). Because there is not enough time to audition all the talents – I have to narrow the number down to 18-20 talents who are most suitable for the role. Out of all the submissions, there were two talents who physically fit the descrīption, and I have seen them submitted to my other projects (but weren’t a good fit). So, I was happy that I finally have something they can audition.

Then when I check the other project that I’m casting, where I specifically stated that I’m looking for a Puppeteer with puppetry experience, and I also requested the talent to include a submission note on their experience (or if they enjoy working with puppets). The same two girls submitted to the “Puppeteer” without any notes.

Immediately my focus shifted back to my first project...

Did these girls know what they are submitted to? Did they know the role requires them to wear lingerie and make-out with an older actor? Can they read?

I dropped the two girls from my list and replace the spot with two other girls who are just as experienced and beautiful. I don't have the time or energy to explain to the actors what the production expects from the talent, and the scene requirements. It's all written right there.

I spent the time to type out the breakdowns to make sure actors are aware of all aspects of the production. And I expect the same from the actors. Take the time, and read, and let me know why you are interested in the role or have any any similar experience. Any notes relating to the role helps!!

And when I see the same people who blindly submitted to anything and everything - I can't take them seriously.

This is a serious business, people!!

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