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About Wayne Chang

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Taiwan, then moved to California at age 10, Wayne has been through... wait, why am I typing in 3rd person? The truth is, this "About Me" thing is usually the publist's job. But too bad, I don't have one.


I graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Minor in Theatre. But my acting career didn't really took off due to the fact that I have been spending more money on gas driving to auditions... It was not until I moved to New York (6 years ago), where I begin to take on more acting gigs. (A subway ride can take me to 3 auditions in a single day)

I consider myself having 2 jobs.

A day job that kept me feed, pay the bill, as well as sending money to the parents.

A part time/weekend/week night job, where I act. Sometimes I get paid, and most of the time I don't. But I love it. I love it. I love it.

Recently, I have started my part-part time job as a Casting Director (and Freelance Casting Assistant with various Casting Office in New York). For more information, please visit my Casting website at http://www.wccasting.com

As for my training background, aside from the Theatre program at University of Calfornia, San Diego; I have studied at HB Studio (Uta Hagen Technique), Sande Shurin Studio (Transformational Technique),and The Barrow Group.

In addition, I have been taking TONS of workshops with Casting Directors & Associates - Plus private coaching with actor Eric Thal.

Am I a method Actor? well, I'm a little methody. Am I a dramatic actor? I can be. Am I funny, the heck I am!! I'm whatever you want, whoever you want me to be... only for a fee.

okay, I stop stop here. It's getting weird.

Feel free to stop by my personal website at: http://www.wayneonline.net for some exciting production pictures, screening information, as well as... Casting Notice around the world!! (click on my face after you entered the Intro page)

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Languages Spoken
english, mandarin
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New York City, United States
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September 11, 2007