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Vans SK8FIVE2 – Hong Kong’s First Indoor Skatepark

Most of you may be familiar with the public skateparks in Hong Kong. Most are outdoor parks & close at 10:30pm.  After hours, skateboarders have their skate spots. If it rains, its an absolute “no-skate day” unless you go to the few covered skate-spots which may or may not be a bust, depending on the time of day.

A few years ago, we had the Six-Keys miniramp, & for a short time we tasted being able to skate indoors comfortably. So when my good friend Brian told me about the plans for an indoor skatepark in Hong Kong, you can imagine how psyched I was when I heard about his plans.

Last week, I went to visit Brian at the new SK8Five2 facility & was blown away. I had a little chat with Brian about SK8Five2, his insight about this & I’m pleased to share this with you all here.


I know it has always been a dream to have a proper indoor skate-park, how did you make it happen?


You are right brother, growing up skateboarding since 1988, having an indoor skatepark to skate with the homies is always a dream.

Fast forward to 2011, the dream is getting closer and thought to myself, let’s just make it happen, why think. When we have a spot for everyone to meet up and have fun skateboarding, the progress of skateboarding will automatically increase without even knowing. Look back at the World Industries indoor skatepark back in the early 90′s where heads like Keenan (RIP), Gino, Reem, etc. You looked at them and how tricks progress like crazy and look at now, The Berrics, the most successful and influential indoor skatepark in the world. I want to have similar thing here in Hong Kong. We are also lucky to have VANS that is willing to work with us for a year in order to make things happen. I would like to thank VANS for that.




Tell us a bit more about the ramps & obstacles, they are really well made!  Who designed & built them?


As you can see, the size of the park is not big, it’s around 3,000 sq ft, it’s decent.

So, when we looked at the place, we thought of utilizing the best that we can for such a small place. We designed the park so that we can do runs, instead of us just hitting bank to bank back and forth, you can actually do lines in Vans Sk85IVE2 indoor skatepark.

Then, we were so lucky to have California Ramp Works (these people have built all of the amazing skateparks in the US) doing all the technical/measurements layout, they are super super on point, it’s crazy. Mad props to those people. Vans hooked us up with them. It’s the best that can happen to our indoor skatepark.


Amazing possibilities now for sure!!  What do you have planned for the near future?


WOW, 2012 is going to be a crazy one. We are super inspired by theberrics.com and we are going to have fun with the park. We will hold a Game of S K A T E tournament and Game of L E D G E tournament (the same as game of S K A T E but on ledge). We will also have several fun segments that we will post on our website weekly, check them out real soon, you’ll like it. We need to film you as well, you still got a lot of shit in your bags homie, I know it. We are going to have a skateboard lesson as well.


Anything else to add?


Just want to thank VANS for believing in us, to all the local skateboarders that have been supporting 8FIVE2SHOP since day 1, we will always try to give it back. To all the skateboarders around the world for keeping the fire lit. Keep skateboarding and always have fun doing it.


Thanks Brian!

Video of the park here:http://youtu.be/OS92YVHDcgo

SK8Five2 will be officially open in mid February 2012. Check www.8five2.com for details!

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wow it looks awesome! nice woodwork too!
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Markroush d3 markroush
Fantastic! I skated for 10 years back when I was a lad. Half-pipe, pool, quarter pipe, street... everything. Glad the sport has carried on so strongly!
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