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wanna be wanna be...


Check this out .... www.cbfresh.comReally that's how it happened we all met at a Speak Up event and before we knew it we had discussed our views on Asia and Hong Kong using .....

" A Western Perspective through Eastern Eyes" 


Yes we're "congee stars" ( juk sing for non-canto peeps) but we love Asia and Hong Kong... !!!

I've been working with these characters after I got back from filming the RACE ... but I couldn't tell them that I had participated because of the NDA that I signed...Actually, I think they were going to get rid of me... until they found out that I was on the Amazing Race Asia ... and then they decided to keep me on ,,,  jerks ... HAHAHA.... little do they know that I'll be out by episode....... ( oh yeah NDA... can't talk about it)

Anyway please go check out ----  www.cbfresh.com ----  to get a "taste"  erm mm yeah .....keke... 

BTW...yes Simon did do his own stunts ... I mean "choreography"   hahaha...

Stay tuned for more.... www.cbfresh.comVMC

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everything tastes good when it's deep fried... Check it out...my next project! www.cbfresh.com .... HAHAHA... !!!! VMC

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