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About Chan Tiffany

Tiffanycheetah is a young renowned contemporary illustration artist from Hong Kong.

Having participated in various projects with famous brands and celebrities - Sony, Smart Car, album design for local artist Charlene Choi, Tiffanycheetah is also one of the first artist to collaborate with the rising multi-platform writer Ong Yi Hing in his illustration book “Life is Bittersweet”. She is also highly active in brand imaging for shopping centres, including event marketing promotion for Christmas 2011 at Gi Mall, and also various art exhibitions.

Not only reflecting the latest trend, Tiffanycheetah’s works also closely depicts daily life situations, love, lust, emotion inhibition with a tinge of melancholic beauty, touching the hearts of many. Being highly observant and sensitive to people around enables Tiffanycheetah to experience vibrant emotions and create fantastical visions of the world. Her artistic expression then takes form as a simple diary, at times identifying her own emotions, with beauty and mischief showing through eyes of her characters, deep emotions flowing through luxurious hair of her creations, which forms the mysterious universe she is highly immersed in.

Moreover, Tiffanycheetah loves daydreaming. It is the extension of dreams at night, tying her to the strange yet wonderful dimension - with the little rabbit and its endless cute gadgets! Tiffanycheetah would record them all with her creative stokes, bringing the cheerful childhood fantasies to reality.

Imagination often reflects the goodwill of people in modern day. They fill you with joy, they fill you with tears. Yet, maybe that’s the reason why Tiffanycheetah’s work is so enchanting.

Recently Tiffanycheetah is concentrating on her new brand imaging and preparing exhibition of her works.

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