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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

Missed the happy wonderland last year with my babies!

Had a nice time to play lantern with Anwah last night!

And I really think it is a fresh time to draw more cute stuff again !haha

Have an interview soon, good luck!! :) My luck has been flied to the space!!


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My 1st exhibition is coming soon

This is me

This is what i feel like i am an orange girl recently

Work hard for my first exhibition ” In between the two world”

This is just a good start

Cos I am an full time artist again

To have fun when drawing with heartMore details will post soon...


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Galaxy Macau Resort Deck


I am so exiting to work at Galaxy Macau Resort last week!!!

This is so amazing that i finally met the real Galaxy Macau.

The weather is nice to be tank my skin n my mind

I love there, and play hard with colleagues and models are nice too.

Hope to visit there again later. I really wanna stay longer~

oooh no...

I already start to miss there.......

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I am back honey

Oh..just busy this few months for my new job, also the learning of English and tattoo studies.

Recently, i have been busy on work, I really do art at all my spare time, though this make me tired but i really feel great!! And get changing from my bad habit! I takes time tiff, you need to be better,ya you know!

A great good news is I will have my first exhibition of my project team Oranji is Oranji.

This surprised me all in a sudden. And I knew that it is a good chance, also ...Read more

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to everyone

Happy to introduction Pinky Milky to you

This is a girls come from my dreams that she bring me happiness all the time

Happy New year 2012

and all the best in this years,

if the dragon is right, i will try good at work also will meet my Mr right!?



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Happy 2012!!!

Happy New year Tiffanycheetah

Thanks for stay with me in 2011 and even in this 8 years

I am so proud of you and the words i want to say just Thank you

In this year, this is also the first year I saw all my character came out

and i found out my way to draw...

many many...just need to tell you in 2012hold my hand and I will go with you in 2012Wao~~ Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Dec 1

Finally finish poster for Oranji 1 year old birthday

I am really happy that I keep doing this one year long…

In the coming year I will try my best to draw more cutie babies and keep happy all the way!!

Tiff :3

© 2011 Tiffanycheetah. All rights reserved.

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Blog: Wednesday, Nov 30

is me!

Finally finished the promotion of Samsung GALAXY Event!!

Thanks for all coming friends and people who love my drawing…

and it is a good experience to me

and I will start working again tomorrow and planing to rest at the weekend as i non-stop working over 30days without holiday!!!

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Samsung GALAXY note illustrator

Being a guess of Samsung GALAXY note opening at tsim sha shui the Miramar shopping mall on last weekend, also this weekend i will be there to draw for you from 12-3pm.

I think the mobile is funny and good to use as it have a good big monitor~!!

This is the one I draw as a gift to artist Louis Koo 古天樂 on GALAXY note, looks cute: )

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One year old oranji is Oranji* Happy Birthday!!!

#Happy birthday Oranji is Oranji! !! Today is our birthday, I really want u will here with me… Love u my dear Noel oranji B This year thanks crazy with me Even we face lots of problem Just listen. ..more will come

Tmr I wear dress like orange ga!

Tiff >3<Support us

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