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whoever you may be if you are reading this, i wish you peace, love, wisdom and success in the year ahead. i am not anybody special. i am like you. i wake up to the same world, the same war in the middle east, the same hope for a better tomorrow. i mentioned this to a very close friend of mine the other day. this year has not ended. so no big new year's eve celebration. i have been home all december winding down and preparing my heart for the next part of my plan, to bring music to each one of your lives in a much bigger way.i listed out some colors and inspirations for 2009. when i close my eyes, they kinda look like this...so... I wanted to offer this to you, why not join me in making next year:THE BEST YEAR EVER IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE THIS FARit's grand, it's positive, it's eco-friendly and it's re-usable each year.For me, next year, my work will be centered around bringing quality music to your iPods.a. the first project looks like Van Ness's. it's been a little over a year in the making and like every music producer i admire, i appreciate that i too had a chance in my career to rock it out with somebody who grew up admiring, listening, imitating the same music heroes. plus, i think the bottom-line is we get along. i mean the other people he works with are incredible....it's gonna be incredibleb.giving back. another thing i plan to do is give back. i hope to be able to start sharing my experiences with younger cats and give back. i hope i find time to teach classes in what i love but that's only if time permits. i wouldn't go as far as getting assistants, apprentices, interns, etc. i personally see too many producers enjoy too many perks that they haven't earned yet. i didn't say don't deserve, i said earned yet. greatness doesn't come so soon. c. gaby. gaby's project is a little more artful from what i feel. it's about equally as long in the making as van's but it's also hugely different. i have to admit, it has been one of those creative mindblocks that has stumped me till recently. next year, i plan to break this mindblock. watch this space.d. silksatinsoul - silk satin soul was a concept approach to arranging music for mandarin r&b songs originally conceived for Alicia Pan. of course, i had almost close to no interest from any of my peers. at first i was discouraged but i later realized it was cause i hadn't done enough to show people what i meant...now i can.e. doveshacksupastar is a presentation of my influences. the colors, sights, thoughts, emotions, ups and downs that make up my music. i wouldn't go as far as to say i am going to put out an album yet but rather i would like to present my own songs that i write after hours under this thing called DoveShackSupaStar. i am surely you'll love it when u hear it.So in 2009, you are my supastar. And I...i'm your Dove.

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Two things. 1. "i am not anybody special" Yes you are. We love you. Being loved makes one special :) 2. b.giving back - if time doesn't allow, don't get discouraged. Giving back doesn't have to be a planned, well thought out production. Stop and help a lady get her stroller down the stairs, pick up that dropped newspaper for that old dude, smile at an ugly chick, pay a compliment to a stranger... You've got 30 extra seconds (or less) in your day, aye? Open you eyes, and your heart, to the opportunities that are right in front of you all the time. Make a conscious effort to notice and act... Watching this space. Looking forward to what you bring in 2009........ ;)
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I could not have needed to hear these words more than I did right this very moment !! DAMN TT does God sometimes use people in mysterious ways or what !! This year has actually been pretty much one big test on me in other words God has totally given me challenges to see if I'm strong enough to overcome ... Soooo I am more than happy to jump on the "BEST YEAR EVER IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE THIS FAR" band wagon !! LOL How could you possibly think your not anybody special ? hellllooooo !!! jigga you da boss ... Ain't nobody can make a dove fly like you can ... don't get it twisted bro cause that's wussup !!!!!! Peace :D
almost 12 years ago
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Hey Terry, it's wonderful to hear all the awesome stuff you're planning for next year, your aspirations for 2009, and so on... yeah, this year has been a pretty amazing year, eh? It's been pretty amazing for me too. And like you, I'm hoping that 2009 will be a year for even bigger and better things! So I'm with you on this, bro. Take care. Peace and Love right back at ya! <3
almost 12 years ago
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Good plan, expect to make 2009 more awesome.
almost 12 years ago
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my ipod can use some raisin' up so i look forward to your plan becoming reality. i stopped listening to the radio years ago for various reasons and depend on word of mouth and hearing things here and there. i listen to almost anything. if you lead, i'll adventursome enough to follow. peace & blessings, health & prosperity in the new year.
almost 12 years ago
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I'm down. i feel like something big is gonna happen in '09. So i'm just getting ready for it. infact i was offered a major opportunity to branch off my career in a way i never thought of .You are very special. and as Miss S. said you're loved. Stay happy stay real and keep bringin' it. Let's ride this wave together and see where it takes us. -Char (OPD's VuDu Doll)
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great plans you have for 2009! i'll keep an eye on your upcoming success and be proud of you! a bit frustrated coz i'm not sure what i'd do in 2009. just go with the flow, maybe? good luck to whatever you do, T *hugz*
almost 12 years ago
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good resolution!!! and you look like you are going to be super busy in 09!
almost 12 years ago
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looks like I am gonna get myself a new ipod then...can't wait for the new tunes from Van Ness, Gaby and you & the gang... i wish you (TOO) peace, love, wisdom and success in the year ahead.
almost 12 years ago
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Here's to a great 2009!
almost 12 years ago
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looking forward to ur music in 2009
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