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whoever you may be if you are reading this, i wish you peace, love, wisdom and success in the year ahead. i am not anybody special. i am like you. i wake up to the same world, the same war in the middle east, the same hope for a better tomorrow. i mentioned this to a very close friend of mine the other day. this year has not ended. so no big new year's eve celebration. i have been home all december winding down and preparing my heart for the next part of my plan, to bring music to each one of your lives in a much bigger way.i listed out some colors and inspirations for 2009. when i close my eyes, they kinda look like this...so... I wanted to offer this to you, why not join me in making next year:THE BEST YEAR EVER IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE THIS FARit's grand, it's positive, it's eco-friendly and it's re-usable each year.For me, next year, my work will be centered around bringing quality music to your iPods.a. the first project looks like Van Ness's. it's been a little over a year in the making and like every music producer i admire, i appreciate that i too had a chance in my career to rock it out with somebody who grew up admiring, listening, imitating the same music heroes. plus, i think the bottom-line is we get along. i mean the other people he works with are incredible....it's gonna be incredibleb.giving back. another thing i plan to do is give back. i hope to be able to start sharing my experiences with younger cats and give back. i hope i find time to teach classes in what i love but that's only if time permits. i wouldn't go as far as getting assistants, apprentices, interns, etc. i personally see too many producers enjoy too many perks that they haven't earned yet. i didn't say don't deserve, i said earned yet. greatness doesn't come so soon. c. gaby. gaby's project is a little more artful from what i feel. it's about equally as long in the making as van's but it's also hugely different. i have to admit, it has been one of those creative mindblocks that has stumped me till recently. next year, i plan to break this mindblock. watch this space.d. silksatinsoul - silk satin soul was a concept approach to arranging music for mandarin r&b songs originally conceived for Alicia Pan. of course, i had almost close to no interest from any of my peers. at first i was discouraged but i later realized it was cause i hadn't done enough to show people what i meant...now i can.e. doveshacksupastar is a presentation of my influences. the colors, sights, thoughts, emotions, ups and downs that make up my music. i wouldn't go as far as to say i am going to put out an album yet but rather i would like to present my own songs that i write after hours under this thing called DoveShackSupaStar. i am surely you'll love it when u hear it.So in 2009, you are my supastar. And I...i'm your Dove.

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