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here we go again

the last thing i remember of 2007 was this... and then it happened.2008 drove me into the biggest year of growing ever. i started the year with a failed attempt at love and a half ass recovery from not making music.in short, i was a mess and on the way to Shanghai.this was jan 08 and we're about 2 weeks away from the end of this year.let me say this, this year was effing awesome.i'm at about a 80 to a 100 new songs this year. depending on the degree in which it's completed.today i completed writing material for two albums worth of material.the two albums, an english and a mandarin one. those songs are songs i didn't keep for myself but i wrote for fun which people have never chose. i added two more ballads over the weekend.i admitted to Skot today, I said no matter how busy I am, if i feel a need to write..i will write. No one should deny that write cause after all, isn't what we do about the song?in short, i face 2009 waiting for some things to work itself out and ready for a big year. let's make this intention with me and if my life has intrigued you enough this year, please make the intention for me too.the biggest year of my entire music life. and if god willing, let it be simply the biggest and best year of my life. i've been out of college ten years now and in that time, i was a soldier, a rapper, a producer, a songwriter and overall fly person. I've achieved all of the little dreams I had to be part of the music industry and I am content. Anything beyond this year is heaven's will and not mine. I cannot ask for something I don't feel I deserve. It's that ego again. That wanting a little bit more but it's not my choice. But my will is such that at this point, I am content with where I have come as a musician, I never had the privilege to enjoy lessons when I was younger and to be able to write and record a song as and when I like is a humbling reminder of what we can do if we really just put our mind to it, beyond simply believing but doing.the biggest year of my life awaits me. i wanted to wind down this week but it looks like I have one more week to go.i hope you join me...tye

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That's my arm in the picture...i want royalties...
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take a picture, snap....

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