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a quote and another

missscarlett wrote:

Everyone who's ever been hurt by another person raise your hand. The world will tell you it's your right and responsibility to get them back. The world teaches us to hold onto that hurt and use it to fuel anger, resentment and hatred toward that person.

she's right. the world and those who live by it rather than within it believes it is your right to get back at someone who may have wronged you. and unfortunately, majority of mankind does live that way. you and I guilty of the same charge.

let me live you with a quote from terrytyelee:

we have the right to discernment but the responsibility to live for the kinder good of humanity

your dove...

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be the change you'd like to see in the world. :)
almost 12 years ago
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So true and very impressive, T. I often choose to forget about those haunting memories if I can't make myself to forgive, so I'm still the smiling and grateful Janice =) And, I promise I'll never cross Miss Scarlett's line =P
almost 12 years ago
Aye! Resist the impulses tof the world! @Jans: I kinda wish TTL would have included my entire quote ;) (though I'm glad I could help make his point). I went on to say how it's better to drop all of that anger like useless baggage and move on. The rest of my comment is @TTL's forum. I'll never set out to hurt anyone cuz it'd makes my own heart hurt :(
almost 12 years ago
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A good quote I heard was: "Hurting people hurt others". When I've been hurt, I try to remember that and take mine to God, instead of perpetuating the cycle. I'm definitely human though, and it's hard...
almost 12 years ago
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Word- I agree with everyone's comments. Sometimes it is so hard to not want to fight back...so I try my best when the urge hits to take a deep breathe or a few and remain calm. When I can't I walk away. I have learned that many times when people hurt you it is because they are suffering. Why perpetuate suffering by adding to it?
almost 12 years ago
I'm a strong advocate of ranting. If you can't just let it go, find someone you trust and rant to them. Often times, just getting all the negative out (as opposed to holding it in) makes it easier to let go. Cleansing... Allow me to offer my Inbox to anyone who needs to rant ;)
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