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  • New Year's Eve under the stars in Santa Monica, CA

    Saturday, Dec 13, 2008 11:09AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    I have to admit, it's been quite a year. I have many things for which to be grateful, and in these troubling times, it really puts things in perspective. This year really stands out in many ways and I think it's important to recognize this as we usher out 2008 and look forward to a year of hope, faith and prosperity. 

    Steve Liu, Ted Kim and I are very social people. We like nothing more than to gather our friends together and party. But for our New Year's Eve, we decided to not only do it up, we wanted to do it with a sense of purpose.   Join us and our celebrity co-hosts.

    A cause to celebrate, at a beautiful venue, on an evening unlike any other...

    For those who want to ring in the New Year with style, sophistication, and
    some good old fashioned charity, we will drink and mingle the night away under the stars at the fabulous Wokcano Santa Monica. This charming new restaurant features two and a half
    huge levels and a magnificent outdoor patio, all set against a backdrop of
    dark wood and Japanese-inspired décor. A more mature and intimate crowd than
    you’ll get at your mass-appeal New Year's Eve parties, we still know how to have a good

    The profits from our event will go to THE ASIAN PACIFIC COMMUNITY FUND and CENTER FOR THE PACIFIC ASIAN FAMILY. APCF's mission is to promote philanthropy addressing the diverse needs of our community and provides funding to 29 affiliate agencies serving hundreds of thousands of clients, the majority of whom live in low-income and immigrant communities. CPAF's mission is to build healthy and safe communities by addressing the root causes and consequences of family violence and violence against women. CPAF was the first to open a multi-lingual and multi-cultural transitional housing program focusing on survivors who seek to establish independent, violence free lives.

    Please join us on Wednesday, Dec. 31 at Wokcano, 1413 5th Street in Santa Monica from 10 PM - 2 AM. For more information, please visit:


    A limited number of tickets will be made available on a first come, first serve basis. Buy your tickets now at:


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  • estevenson
    Official artist 
    posted on Sunday, Dec 14, 2008 1:42PM [Report]
    Best wishes for the success of the evening....
  • rottendoubt
    posted on Saturday, Dec 13, 2008 11:24PM [Report]
    sounds really cool!  wish i was there to support!  i asked our editors to highlight this...

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