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DonaldTrump losing white college educated demographic to #HillaryClinton. #ouch!

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AnaNavarro sums up #DonaldTrump perfectly. Don't even wanna trade it; just enjoy it.

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ChrisChristie resorts to the #kindergarten defense, that "crooked Hillary" started it and that this kind of discourse (calling #DonaldTrump a bigot) is unwarranted. #pathetic #bridgegate

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Feel good Sunday: artistic seniors paint colorful tradition

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When your party's main publicly stated goal was to deny #Obama a second term, the #GOP was putting politics before the welfare of the country and helped create the rise of #DonaldTrump.

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While #DonaldTrump has advantage of being a reality TV star, he won't have the magic of editing and post-production to help him in the debates.

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This video chillingly provides a point of view of whites who are angry about genocide to their race. This is what #DonaldTrump, #breitbart and #altright tap into to fuel their agendas.

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The pattern is clear. Even during tragedies, Trump makes it all about #DonaldTrump and compassion is nowhere to be found.

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The real price of texting while driving..

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