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This woman is kicking butt and opening doors! See you in Congress #MJHegar!!!

Honored to support Jim Figueroa in the popularization of Korean drama formats in North America. We will work with other producers and production companies to continue the Korean wave.


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Did you know that #Pinkfong and #babyshark have roots in #Korea? With this video alone approaching 1.4 billion views, these characters join the likes of #Psy and #BTS in terms of global influence and popularity. #Hallyu #KoreanWave

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Noble Peace Prize goes to... ;)

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Shame on the #TrumpAdministration and the politicians who support the decision to gut Obamacare provisions that deny coverage based on preexisting conditions. Everyone has preexisting conditions at some time in their lives. How can Washington once again place the interests of corporations and the insurance industry over those of the citizens? Even with this protection, the insurance industry has been making record profits. Time to stop making corporations richer and take back the government from swamp monsters.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill, well known for food poisoning their customers, has screwed their employees by forcing them into working off the clock and not being paid. In addition, to get the job, you have to sign away your rights to sue. This is what happens when you vote for a #POTUS who puts the interests of corporations ahead of the citizens. #BoycottChipotle

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Given all the shootings, I was curious about the insurance industry's policy on gun ownership. I presume there is liability associated with owning a gun. Do they account for this potential liability in pricing premiums for homeowners, renters, auto, life and umbrella policies? If not, shouldn't they?

NRA, #SecondAmendment #GunControl #NeverAgain #Parkland

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November 6, 2008

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