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AETNA's gangster-like tactics in holding #Obamacare hostage to extort favorable ruling is exposed as proposed merger not approved by #DOJ.

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Feel good video for your manic Monday!

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This made me cry and brought so much joy of such a gloomy day.

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RoyalSaluteCloud8 with co-host #AjaDang.

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RoyalSaluteCloud8 #LunarNewYear

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How can we expect nations around the world to believe the new administration when they claim the inauguration drew the largest crowds ever?

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"The world is in the relatively early stages of an almost inevitable transition to what can be best understood as a new 21st-century civilization." #DonaldTrump doesn't represent a new beginning, but the beginning of the end. He is not the agent of change, but the result of what's already been taking place. And no, this article isn't about #Politics.

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Join me in #unfollowing #DonaldTrump and #POTUS on #Twitter and #Facebook.

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Open casting via social media for #CrazyRIchAsians!

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The streets of DC today.

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