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Something is wrong with the system. The wealthiest in New York urge the state lawmakers to raise their taxes to help the income disparity because #trickledown economics doesn't work. But Republican politicians insist on pursuing tax cuts for the rich.

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Be ready to pay more for fruits and vegetables.

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Monsanto > #Roundup > #Cancer? The more I read, the more it looks like the tobacco or oil industry. #profitsoverpeople

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SoftbankVenturesKorea invests in #Oben through its SB Next Media Innovation Fund. Softbank joins #HTCViveX #IdeaLab #ThirdWaveDigital and #SMEntertainment as investors in this Pasadena based AI startup that I advise.

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Thank you #BarackObama for a strong jobs report in February and building back up our economy after the crisis we faced when you first came into office. #DonaldTrump has some pretty big shoes to fill.

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I found this video very disturbing as police stop a white Uber drive who happens to be a lawyer.

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One of the real dangers of working from home! LOL!!!

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A "frustrated" evening with @devonfranklin at #epicbiblestories. Thank you Devon for your testimony, inspiration and generosity.

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