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jubileeproject #SaveMySeoul on #Kickstarter is almost at its goal in shedding light on #sextrafficking in Korea.


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GOP doesn't care about anything but repudiating Obama. I know DC is filled with politics, but this brazen partisan act shows why a groundswell of support is flowing to outsider candidates.

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It's starting feel like deva vu for Hillary... Will 2016 be a repeat of 2008? Seems like she's feeling the Bern!

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Chicago police officer sues estate of teen he killed for causing the shooting and causing him trauma. This is #NotOnion story.

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Above and beyond the normal political shadiness... #TedCruz.

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JamesCorden #CarpoolKaraoke is my new favorite guilty pleasure, this time with #EltonJohn.

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Out of all the Presidential candidates, only one actually has paid internships. If you guess wrong, then you're supporting the wrong candidate.

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It really plays well for the Republican when they raise Islamic extremists and illegal immigration, but it's pathetic when they bring up Obama as the biggest evil... very odd strategy.

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Unemployment below 5% and reaches 8 year low. Only wish the GOP would "blame" Obama for this but you won't hear them talking about this.

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