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Civil rights museum stands up to and shuts down #DonaldTrump, whose campaign told them they were gonna use the museum as a photo op.

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DonaldTrump's #jet is a perfect metaphor for him: bloated, outdated, oversized (like his ego), inefficient, wasteful and doesn't have quite as much capacity as you're led to believe. I also assume it throws off an awful lot of pollutants and hot air.

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DonaldTrump is a "brilliant debater. Newt Gingrich put it best...said Donald Trump is the best debater he's ever seen. He's like the Babe Ruth of debating," says his campaign manager #KellyanneConway.

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A man who suffered a stroke gets tasered, pepper sprayed and then the police let his car roll over his foot. All because he wasn't able to obey their commands. #BlackLivesMatter

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Now we know why the police didn't wanna release the video from the #Charlotte shooting. What do your eyes and ears tell you? I hearing what sounds like the victim's moaning but the police are more concerned about cuffing him than him bleeding out. Why does the officer say "get my bag, start getting, equipment?" This looks bad!!! #BlackLivesMatter

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Charlotte police finally release video which makes the shooting of #KeithScott look like an execution. The rationale police give is crazy. They saw they saw weed and a gun which made them concerned for public safety.

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Classy move by #DonaldTrump inviting #GenniferFlowers to the debates.

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DonaldTrump is a lot like #VR. Like in VR, it's easy to tell the difference between the real (truth) and the unreal (his virtual world of lies). Trump's #VirtualReality is overblown and entertaining. A dose of Trump is surreal; it's like a drug trip. Too much viewing of his VR makes you nauseous and gives you headaches. You know it's horrible for you - you become totally detached from reality - but you can't help indulging. Read this week's #TrumpLies and this all makes sense.

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For the first time ever, I have banned someone from my page. He violently and angrily disagreed with my opinions. That's fine. But he would often resort to foul language and personal attacks. Then, his comments started becoming racist. Rather than ignoring, confronting or reasoning (i tried many times) with him, I finally decided to draw the line and ban him.

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