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Official Megan Lee video #Stronger is finally out.

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An interview I did with #tmz about #Whitewashing #marvel #esTranged #ancientone


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There are no A-List Asian actors if you don't look. #Whitewashing casting choices of #ghostintheshell just perpetuates the myth while Hollywood is fine reaping billions at Asian box office.

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When Doves Cry... Prince - RIP

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Hate turns to forgiveness and love through the power of faith. Have a blessed day.

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Suspected of causing cancer, the active ingredient in #Monsanto weedkiller #RoundUp is found in too many of our everyday foods.

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Bad day for #TedCruz who wishes he never complained about the sacrifices he's made to run for #POTUS as #ElizabethWarren shuts him down.

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Whitewashing getting attention but it's just par for the course in Hollywood.

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Great evening at Committee of 100 Gala with some very powerful women in entertainment: #ConstanceWu, #JoanChen #LynnChen #JulieFong #JanetYang all helping to elevate the profile of Asian Americans in Entertainment.

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