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Help "Silence the Violence" by voting at

Over 100 members of our creative community agreed to appear in a series of videos supporting Center for the Pacific Asian Family. These were shot by an entirely volunteer crew. They dedicate these videos to the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and their families.  We hope that CPAF can win $1 million in Chase Community Giving application on Facebook.  You need to have a Facebook profile to vote.  We were fortunate enough to have the participation of talent like Van Ness Wu, Far East Movement, Sandra Oh, John Cho, Aaron Yoo, C.S. Lee, Kaba Modern, Joe Hahn, Archie Kao, Grace Su, Patricia Liu, Kathy Uyen, and others, many who are artists on Alive Not Dead.

Please remember to vote at

Enjoy the videos.  Here's a menu of links to Videos (in order of most recently posted):

24) 24) Many people couldn't come to CPAF offices for filming of PSAs but still chose to participate from such remote locations as China, Singapore, Vietnam, Seoul, and San Diego.Video: A Korean language version with a special guest appearances by Korean star  Kim Nam Gil and journalist  Euna Lee. Video: Director  Charlie Nguyen sends a message to the Vietnamese community to support CPAF:

21)  C.S. Lee, Will Yun Lee and other friends of CPAF urge you to vote.  Justin Chon answers questions about  TWILIGHT, the next installment, hanging out with the cast, and why he supports CPAF for  WIRED.COM. 

Video: The spotlight is on Van Ness in this very frank conversation about how these issues personally affected him.

Video: A message in Vietnamese from Van Son.Video: The Wong Fu Productions team of Phil Wang, Ted Fu and Wesley Chan lend their considerable influence and impeccable timing to support CPAF. Video: Joe Hahn of Linkin Park and some "Friends of CPAF" stand against violence and in support of CPAF.

Video: Michelle Krusiec (SAVING FACE) speaks from the heart and recounts, as a child, picking up the phone, calling a hotline and asking for help.

Video: Sam Geunjin Kang on the guitar playing his original song "Shots & Beer" which serves as the score to many of our videos.

Video: The very talented writer/director Chris Chan Lee (UNDOING, YELLOW) contributes his cut that has an international flair. It should give you an idea of how broad CPAF's reach is in staffing in so many different languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese and more.

Video: Outtakes from Comedian Danny Cho and Grace Su and their parody of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. Please note that this video is for mature audiences:

Video: Twilight, New Moon star Justin Chon makes a personal plea in supporting CPAF:

Video: "A PSA gone Wrong" done by Just Kidding's Bart Kwan on his own. Warning, this video is for mature audiences.

Video: Comedian Danny Cho and Grace Su reprise their characters from their famous E-Harmony parody as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il asks us not to "violence women domestically or internationally. Please note that this video is for mature audiences.

Video: Ken Oak and his cello in a moving musical tribute to CPAF:

Video: Bobby Choy (Big Phony) gives an intimate, live, in-studio performance of "Short Intermission" from his new CD "Kicking Punching Bags":

Video: Kollaboration Artists support CPAF, Please remember to support Kollaboration 10 on March 6 at the Shrine Auditorium:

Video: Far East Movement supports CPAF:

Video: "BETTER LUCK TOMORROW's Karin Anna Cheung speaks openly about abuse and why we need to support CPAF:

Video: Alison De La Cruz talks candidly about her experience as a victim:

Video: YouTube All-Stars "United Against Violence" with David Choi, Far East Movement,Kaba Modern, Joe Hahn, Wong Fu Productions, Seriously, Bart Kwan and others:

Video: Our first video to premiere, "Vote for CPAF" form some very talented women including Sandra Oh, Euna Lee, Lisa Ling, Laura Ling, Tamlyn Tomita and others:


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CPAF could win a $1 million grant to fight domestic violence

The Center for the Pacific Asian Family was fortunate enough to finish in the top 100 in the Chase Community Giving program on Facebook, earn a $25,000 grant and become eligible for the next round of Facebook voting from January 15-22.  The top finisher will win $1 million and five runner-ups will get $100,000.  This program is for US based non-profits. I still can't believe that it happened. It did, but there is so much more work to be done. The Chase Community Giving program not only gives CPAF critically needed funds, but helps to raise awareness of a profoundly important issue that is too often kept in the dark.  As you may know, CPAF provides emergency shelter and counseling services to victims of domestic violence and rape.

I am asking for your support to help CPAF in the next round of voting.  I think it would be an incredible statement on the part of our community to rally around such a worthy cause.  Rarely is there an opportunity for such an immediate reward for building community support.  If you know of any organizations who could help us spread the word, please send me a message.  Each and every one of us can make a difference.

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Chase Community Giving

Chase Community Giving Program is being run through Facebook where Chase will give away $5 million to charitable organizations voted on by FB users.  If your favorite charity is among the top 100 vote getters, it could win $25,000.  Each person can vote for a total of 20 charities.  Please vote for your favorite charity and mine, The Center for Pacific Asian Family.  They provide counseling services and shelter for victims of domestic violence and rape.  Cut and paste the link below:

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American Idol

I have to admit, I am addicted to American Idol.  I actually like the real competition better than the goofy auditions.  During the final 36, viewers picked 9 finalists and the judges get to pick the remaining three.  It was great to see one of my favorites, Anoop, get picked to compete for the final three slots.  But that got me thinking.  Where are all the Asians?  I have been to enough karaoke rooms in my time to know that we've got the pipes.  I also was a judge last month where Kollaboration held their annual talent show and sold out 6200 seats at the Shrine (where they used to hold the Oscars),  The vocal talent is deep in our community.  What gives?  The last time I actually remember even seeing someone yellow on the show was William Hung.  What gives?  Does this bother anyone else or just me?

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25 things you really didn't need to know about me...

You are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. 

1) I never could stand the smell or taste of kimchee and now I love the taste... but not the smell.

2) I have lost 11 pounds since mid-October.... 9 more to go.

3) I love Grey's Anatomy but hate seeing Denny as a ghost.

4) I get sick from traveling in Asia... the air is so bad, but it's worth the experience.

5) Six years ago, I weighed about 168 lbs and had 8.5% body fat. I now weigh 178.

6) I never attended church regularly until 2008.

7) I use to be addicted to golf and my lowest handicap was 11. But now I've played 27 holes of golf in the past 5 years/

8) My goal is to do a handstand in the middle of the room... headstands are easy.

9) I once attended 34 yoga classes in 29 days.

10) Shanghai is my favorite city in Asia, London is my favorite city in Europe and New York is my favorite city in the world. Liberty, my hometown, ranks in the top 10% of the bottom third of my list.

11) I could eat sushi 7 days a week and especially like uni and toro.

12) I worked as a bellhop and caddie at Grossinger's Hotel in the Catskills... think DIrty Dancing.

13) I always wanted to be Jewish.

14) One of my greatest vacations ever was an all guys sailing trip on a 40 foot yacht thru the British Virgins Islands. Four of us went and we crewed, cooked and had a blast. But I didn't know how to swim.

15) I passed my swimming test at Cornell by creeping along the edge under the instructors field of vision part of the way and doggie paddling the rest.

16) I owned a real car phone, Motorola pager watch, Apple Newton, Palm Pilot, and Blackberry pager. Now I have iRobot.

17) I admit that I am rhythm challenged, which hurts me in dance class, Guitar Hero and Garage Band.

18) I love coffee Haagen Daz and used to eat a pint before going to bed when I was 21. I still can and want but don't.

19) I was in All County Choir when I was in 7th grade, but after my voice changed... argh!!!!!! Oh, by the way, I was a soprano.

20) I grew up speaking Shanghainese, but now am the equivalent of a remedial 2 year old.

21) Michael Kang caught me trying to sneak by with only 20 items. 

22) I am a fan of Lasik but I still need glasses at night to drive. But it's worth it.

23) My favorite all time music group is YES. Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Sarah McLachlan come close. 

24) I am allergic to almost everything except for the ocean and concrete. Sometimes I sneeze 10-15 times in a row.

25) I think that the greatest thing ever invented is COKE. And no, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, New Coke and Pepsi don't hold a candle to Coke Classic.

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New Year's Eve under the stars in Santa Monica, CA

I have to admit, it's been quite a year. I have many things for which to be grateful, and in these troubling times, it really puts things in perspective. This year really stands out in many ways and I think it's important to recognize this as we usher out 2008 and look forward to a year of hope, faith and prosperity. 

Steve Liu, Ted Kim and I are very social people. We like nothing more than to gather our friends together and party. But for our New Year's Eve, we decided to not only do it up, we wanted to do it with a sense of purpose.   Join us and our celebrity co-hosts.

A cause to celebrate, at a beautiful venue, on an evening unlike any other...

For those who want to ring in the New Year with style, sophistication, and

some good old fashioned charity, we will drink and mingle the night away under the stars at the fabulous Wokcano Santa Monica. This charming new restaurant features two and a half

huge levels and a magnificent outdoor patio, all set against a backdrop of

dark wood and Japanese-inspired décor. A more mature and intimate crowd than

you’ll get at your mass-appeal New Year's Eve parties, we still know how to have a good


The profits from our event will go to THE ASIAN PACIFIC COMMUNITY FUND and CENTER FOR THE PACIFIC ASIAN FAMILY. APCF's mission is to promote philanthropy addressing the diverse needs of our community and provides funding to 29 affiliate agencies serving hundreds of thousands of clients, the majority of whom live in low-income and immigrant communities. CPAF's mission is to build healthy and safe communities by addressing the root causes and consequences of family violence and violence against women. CPAF was the first to open a multi-lingual and multi-cultural transitional housing program focusing on survivors who seek to establish independent, violence free lives.

Please join us on Wednesday, Dec. 31 at Wokcano, 1413 5th Street in Santa Monica from 10 PM - 2 AM. For more information, please visit: limited number of tickets will be made available on a first come, first serve basis. Buy your tickets now at:

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Watching the work of actor friends

It is always a little strange flipping channels and seeing friends of mine - actors - on some of my favorite shows.  Mind you, it's easier seeing Daniel Dae Kim or Yunjin Kim on LOST because I met them after watching the show.  It's a little easier seeing Lanny Kim on a recent episode of CSI because I met him when he was in WEST 32ND.   But seeing Lydia Look on BONES was an utter shock and delight.  I met Lydia at a KTV outing in LA and have come to know her as a writer and friend.  She is really quirky, funny and high energy. She wrote the highly rated Disney Channel movie WENDY WU, HOMECOMING WARRIOR.  Frankly, I didn't know she was acting anymore.  But then I find out she's on a episode of BONES on FOX.  The part is small but she is hysterical.  The great thing is that she is able to bring her personality to the part and turns mundane lines into charming turns.  Her use of facial expressions had me in stitches.  I was so giddy watching my friend shine.  Now, I don't think I am being biased in thinking she was great.  But I was so proud of her.Makes me think that I wish there was more work for truly talented and gifted people like Lydia.  I wanna see  more of her.

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Print Audition

I have a friend who works at a modeling agency that does print work.  They have a category that is pretty thin - middle aged Asian males.  So she asked me to go out for a non-union commercial call.  She assures me that she will book me on something, but I have my doubts.  A pneumonia vaccine was looking for Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese and Malays, men and women 40 years and older.  Lots of people who talk to each other and appear to be regulars at this game. So I show up in casual clothes at an office on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks and walk in to find about 40 Asians filling out forms and trying to book this gig.  I try my best to figure out what to do.  I sign in and fill out the card with my name, age and ethnicity.  After a 30 minute wait, I'm asked to go sit in line and wait.  The line is moving pretty quickly.   There's a guy sitting behind me.  He asks me if my name is Teddy and if I am a producer.  I am really embarrassed to be here and trying to just fit in.  Right now, I am feeling pretty stupid being here and I know I am never gonna get the commercial.  The guy tells me that we have a friend in common, an actor that I met once.  He has an action scrīpt that he is directing and has a bunch of people attached.  It's only $20 million and is close to raising it.  The money is for not only the film, but the music video as well.  He plans on putting a bunch of hot music acts in the film and projects huge returns.   He thinks it's a sure thing because of the success of Twilight.  He was also a film school classmate of Wayne Wang.  Then, my name is called and I have four Polaroids taken....It was all surreal.

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The right to love

Do you believe in love?  Do you wish love for others?  Please give a little happiness.  This isn't about politics, it's about compassion. Video:

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