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I take a break from this nasty election season to present to you the most charming "negative" ad that includes dirty laundry. This is part of my vow to go high when anyone goes low.

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Nike legend #philknight with #TigerWoods and #lCharlieRose at #TigerWoodsFoundation

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philknight from #nike, #TigerWoods and #CharlieRose at #TigerWoodsFoundation with thanks to host #KheeLee.

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We voted.

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Seems like #MelaniaTrump portrayed her husband Donald J. Trump as being easily duped and victimized by other people when she blamed The Howard Stern Show and #BillyBush for the terrible things he said about women.

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Now if the #FoxNews #BillOReilly #Chinatown segment turned out like this, I wouldn't complain. #WattersWorld

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After being shut out, #DonaldTrump finally lands his first endorsement from a major publication... #NationalEnquirer!!! #UFOs #FourHeadedBaby #ElvisSpotting #DonaldTrumpPresidency

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Why is #DonaldTrump running for President? He's stirring the pot of hate to launch a TV network. #BaitandSwitch, think of it as another #TrumpU - he collects campaign dollars and emails so that he can keep milking when his supporters after he loses.

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