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"On his worse day, Tim Kaine is one hundred times better than Donald Trump ever will be," according to #BernieSanders after #DonaldTrump accused #hillaryClinton of disrespecting Sanders and his supporters by her VP selection


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A little feel good & #Coldplay amidst all the craziness.

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Mother of US Ambassador asks DonaldTrump and #Republicans to stop politicizing the death of her son in #Benghazi. She doesn't blame Clinton and calls them out as opportunistic and cynical.

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Anarchy, angry white males, misogyny, rust belt & depressed voting are #michaelmoore's five reasons why #Trump could win.

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White staffers holding up signs "Hispanics para Trump" vs Tim Kaine's speech "Fe, familia y trabajo" (Faith, family, and work) makes the contrast and choice clear. #ClintonKaine2016

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The liberal, left leaning state of #California is a great state for businesses.

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Police misconduct is real for people of color no matter how much some people want to deny it. #BlackLivesMatter

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