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comeheaven @bethelmusic

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OscarsSoWhite #Whitewashing dumbfoundead

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Why Asian Americans throw off the argument.

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DonaldTrump and #hillaryclinton side by side. Duh!

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DonaldTrump wants to ban Muslims; build a wall to keep out rapists and murderers from Mexico, harasses women, offends other countries, won't release his taxes and claims he's a unifier. But let's face it. No matter what he says or does, his supporters will love him. It's just that minorities, women, millennials, and liberals hate him.

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Great read on working in Hollywood for folks other than white males.

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DonaldTrump reminds me of #billcosby without the fuzzy image.

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Queen of #Kpop #boa #smentertainment #sum

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