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A behind the scenes look at #Titanic, the biggest disaster film ever. What comes to mind is that hit films have many parents and flops are orphans.

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Very excited to see #Marvel's #BlackPanther. As a studio executive at Columbia, I optioned the rights and developed a script with Producer #BradWeston. But we were never able to capture the magic. Perhaps they found the right stewards.

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Very proud of Emily Lau for The Little Bra Company. Go little or go home!!!

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How poor whites were pitted against blacks to keep the rich white elite in power. This is not a story about #DonaldTrump but helps to explain his appeal.

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Incredible story about the importance of the blood of horseshoe crab.

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So much of the attention and blame has been focused on #BillOReilly. But I'm surprised that #FoxNews has proven teflon despite hiding years of sexual harassment charges against O'Reilly and #RogerAiles. They've enabled and profited from this toxic culture. All those brands who have pulled ads from O'Reilly's show just get placed on other Fox News shows.

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UnitedAirlines CEO #reaccommodates PR disaster into #brandGenocide by penning a letter to employees blaming the 69 year old Asian doctor.

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