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My new film...

Thank you all my friends in Sydney! Thank you for coming to see my Film "Mooncake and Crab " Last night!! It was such a great first time screening!! And I still couldn't believe the whole Theatre was fully packed..!!! ;p

Really Appreciated!! I also want to thanks to those people who've tried very hard to come and have got to the place but couldn't find the right Theatre, it's a big place...haha! and thanks to those people who got STUCK in the Highways(many of them) haha..!!! It was too early I know.. and thanks to those people who wanted to come but got stuck at work! Or overseas...!!!haha Anyway, the film was great, everyone loved it! Me too ;p hahahaha!!!

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Hahahahha, nice, hope to see your new movie, because I was such a moon cake and crab on the theme of the film is very interesting!
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Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing this. :)
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