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Guess who it is?

Took some funny pictures and guess who it is?

One more?

Hee Hee ... after finishing the blow dry and make-up...

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Recording at ATV 樂壇風雲五十年

Great news for me ... ... hee hee ... I will be one of the singers in ATV's new music show 樂壇風雲五十年, which is on air from 8.30 p.m. to 9.55 p.m. every Sunday. 

The theme of the chapter that I am going to record this Thursday is "Golden Oldies".  I will be singing a few evergreen songs myself and with other singers too.  I'll try to put up some photos here after I finish the recording.

Hope you'll support me and ATV.  Remember to watch the show!

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Music is Life ... myspace.com/suzanproductions

Music is Life.  Wanna listen to more of my music?  I have just learnt how to put my music onto myspace.com. 

If you are interested, click http://www.myspace.com/suzanproductions.  Hope all of you enjoy.

Thank you,


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My Personal Postcard

It's superb amazing  when I received this postcard from my fans.  It's sooooo UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL!  I love it very much.  Let me share it with you here and wish you all the best!!

XOXO, Suzan


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My Favourite ... English Songs ... Sometimes When We Touch

As you may know, I have started singing since I was very young, and my all-time favourite is singing ENGLISH SONGS! 

I would like to share this song "Sometimes When We Touch" with all of you.  Hope you enjoy listening to it.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyZOuI_IZK0 XOXO, Suzan

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Sentimental Sisters' Love Golden Hits Concert - 一生何求/心債 Medley

Hi all,

Another clip of my concert "Sentimental Sisters' Love Golden Hits Concert" in November, 2005!

I love this part a lot!!  Hope all of you enjoy!

XOXO, Suzan

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gg1MR7xYcA

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Sentimental Sisters' Love Golden Hits Concert - 高山青

Hi all,

I have just learnt how to edit my concert videos and here goes my FIRST BABY!!!  Hope all of you like it and I will try to put more on You Tube later!

Enjoy everybody

XOXO, Suzan


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Precious Moments ... 好氣連祥 MV

Hi all,

Another MV of me with Lam, Rita Carpio and Michelle Carrillo, hope all of you like it!

XOXO, Suzanhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_FavcYiCVs

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My Music ... My first MTV

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2gBeU_hOII My First MTV "Please Stay Tonight"  今宵請你留

The melody was composed by ME  and luckily this song came second runner-up in 1988 HKABU Song Contest.  Hope all of you enjoy!

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A Night To Remember 今宵請你留

A Night to Remember – 25 th January 2008 prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


An unforgettable event for me, a fund raising charity concert for “The Families of SMA”


Spinal Muscular Atrophy, an incurable motor neuron disease that is the No.1 genetic killer of children under the age of 2 … … Where do I start to share or tell of the things that happened … … A great opportunity to do something good but at such short notice and no budget, it’s not easy...Read more

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來自音樂世家的蘇姍,其母親是五、六十年代歌星,自小受音樂薰陶,培養了她對音樂的興趣和熱愛。 蘇姍年少時期已在不同地方表演,其後參加無線電視主辦的『全港酒廊歌手大賽』,並獲得冠軍。 蘇姍擅長演繹中外金曲,歌藝精湛,並展現個人風格。2008年,於香港大會堂舉行了<今宵請你留演唱會>。 翌年再於香港文化中心


english, cantonese, mandarin
Hong Kong
January 15, 2008