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Online/ Web Interview on May 19 and 23

It's been quite a while since I wrote last time here.  Been very busy with all the charity work with the relief of Sichuan earthquake.  It's really a heartache for me when I watched the video on TV or read the news from newspaper.  I tried my best to do what I can do for them.

Remember I did mention a lovely interview that I did with Zoho?  Perhaps you have already checked it out on his blog.  Just a friendly reminder, you can listen it A-G-A-I-N via the following link:

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I'll be singing in this charity concert for fund raising for the earthquake catastrophe in Sichuan.  I will donate my personal belongings for auction in this concert too.  Hope to see you there!

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My Mooovies ... Trailer

It's been Q-U-I-T-E a while when I was in the movie industry.  Actually, for me, movie shooting was never easy as it involved a lot of manpower focusing on ONE BIG JOB.  I remembered when I was shot in an Action Movie "What a Small World 我愛唐人街", I needed to be snapped and hit by Nina Li 利智 (now she's Jet Li's wife!) in the story and it turned out that it took 5 NGs (i.e. one shot retaken 5 times!).  The result was, my arms and legs got bruised   ... and I never fogot t...Read more

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FSMA Mother's Day Celebration 脊髓肌肉萎縮症慈善基金<愛心滿溢頌母親>活動

FSMA Mother's Day Celebration  脊髓肌肉萎縮症慈善基金<愛心滿溢頌母親>活動

It's my honour to be FSMA's Goodwill Ambassador 愛心大使 this year.  On May 3, they held a Mother's Day Celebration with the families and the kids who suffered from the diseases SMA.  I was soooo touched every time when I met those TOUGH moms who need to take care of their SMA babies/ kids very carefully, since most SMA kids cannot move or cannot even breathe properly witho...Read more

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Photos of 勁歌金曲鵬鵬蘇姍濱濱李鳳姐演唱會 held on April 21

Finished the concert 勁歌金曲鵬鵬蘇姍濱濱李鳳姐 for a few weeks.  It was a stunning show in which I sang "酒干淌賣無", "One Way Ticket", "高山青", "Delilah" and the duet with 盧海鵬 (aka 鵬哥) "游龍戲鳳".  It was so funny to sing the duet with 鵬哥 because he's SOOOOO creative and he always has so many spontaneous jokes on stage.  Hope to work with him very soon!

Here goes my pictures I took at backstage.

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More Videos of My Performance at ATV Music Show 樂壇風雲50年

Hi all,

As promised, I've put more videos of my performance at ATV Music Show 樂壇風雲50年.  Due to the relatively poor sound quality of the video, you must TURN UPPPPPPPPPPP your speaker when watching the video.

Singing Hot Desert 熱情的沙漠

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30-VWoOdWnw

Singing 經典金曲 Medley 偷偷摸摸/ 玫瑰玫瑰我愛你/ 給我一個吻/ 花心


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ATV Music Show 樂壇風雲50年 Review

Hi all,

Missed ATV Music show last night?  Wanna watch it online?  Heehee ... ATV has uploaded part of the program on YouTube, and you can watch my part singing "Today I don't come back home 今天不回家".  The theme of this chapter is "Golden Oldies at Lounge in 60's and 70's."  (Remark from me:  Hey, I can sing those songs in 60's and 70's ... but it doesn't mean that I was .... that O-L-D ... haha!!)

Video: Read more

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Reminder: Tonight April 27 ATV Music Show 樂壇風雲50年

Heehee ... seems a bit HARD SELL ... just wanna remind all of you, I will be on ATV Music Show <樂壇風雲50年> tonite 8.30 p.m.  Stick to your TV and ENJOY WATCHING!!

Photo credit from Funky Dance's Pui Pui

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Interview with Zoho@uOnLive.com

Yo ... have you heard the name "Hip-hop Zoho"?  You may find his details in my friends list.  I did an interview with him@www.uonlive.com last Friday and it will be scheduled on air in mid-May.

We talked about a lot of funny things, including my album recording of Kids' songs, my school life, my family, my working experience at lounge and more ... I will post the link here when it's ready!  I...Read more

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April 27!! I'll be on ATV Music Show 樂壇風雲50年

As you may notice, I did the recording for ATV's Music Show 樂壇風雲50年 last Thursday and it will be on air THIS SUNDAY, i.e. April 27!

Air Time:  April 27, Sunday, 8.30 p.m. to 9.55 p.m.

Heehee ... remember to stick to your TV this Sunday !!!

As promised, I am posting some pictures I took during my recording.  Some of them are a bit blur, still want to share with you.


1.  Sin...Read more

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來自音樂世家的蘇姍,其母親是五、六十年代歌星,自小受音樂薰陶,培養了她對音樂的興趣和熱愛。 蘇姍年少時期已在不同地方表演,其後參加無線電視主辦的『全港酒廊歌手大賽』,並獲得冠軍。 蘇姍擅長演繹中外金曲,歌藝精湛,並展現個人風格。2008年,於香港大會堂舉行了&lt;今宵請你留演唱會&gt;。 翌年再於香港文化中心

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