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輝煌金曲聲粵夜演唱會 Part Two

輝煌金曲聲粵夜演唱會 Part Two

Are you longing for reading Part Two of the above mentioned concert?  Haha ... here you go.

1.  My own singing part -- 瀟灑走一回/ Stand By Me/ Stand Up, in ROCK outfit

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輝煌金曲聲粵夜演唱會 Part One

輝煌金曲聲粵夜演唱會 Part One

The concert was held on October 8 at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.  The focus of this concert was the funny drama "唐伯虎點秋香(現代版)", in which I acted as "Spring Scent 春香" (I was like an Indian Princess!!).  If you have been watching the show, I believe you laughed into T-E-A-R-S when you noticed who was "Autumn Scent 秋香".  Haha  !!

Of course, I was one of the featured singer...Read more

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香港電台 二千靚歌再重聚 RTHK Reunion 2000

香港電台 二千靚歌再重聚   RTHK Reunion 2000 Albert Au's Radio Programme

Hi ... I enjoyed so much singing in Albert's Radio Programme Reunion 2000 last Sunday!  It was so fun and exciting to sing all my favourite songs for 3 hours in a LIVE programme!!!  Actually I wish...Read more

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Happy Moon Festival =)

Hi everyone,

Happy Moon Festival  !!!  How many mooncakes will you eat this year ... hahaha ...

I would like to share another video that I recently uploaded to youtube with all of you!  It was my performance at ATV Music singing Sally Yeh's one of the classic hits 瀟灑走一回!


Hope all of you like it!  Enjoy!

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ATV Music Programme 樂壇風雲五十年 Duet with Willy 每日懷念你

ATV Music Programme -- Duet with Willy 每日懷念你

I was very lucky to be invited as one of the singers performed in ATV Music Programme <樂壇風雲五十年> for 3 times!!!!!  Thanks so much for ATV offering me this chance and I was so grateful that the audience loved this program and my performance!

Finally got some time to edit the video and show all of you here!  Here goes the duet 每日懷念你 (original by Paula Tsui) sung with Willy Fung 威利.  We did make some jokes on each other and hope y...Read more

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Hurrahhhhh!!!  My F-I-R-S-T  Magazine Cover on a Health Magazine!!  I'm so thrilled!!

It was an interview taken in a bar located in one of the Hong Kong's most famous tourist spots -- Lan Kwai Fong.  In my interview, I did talk about my family, my career and my upcoming plans.

Wanna read?  Heehee, here goes the link:

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ATV Fund Raising Show for Sichuan Earthquake Catastrophe

Hi all,

I know it's been late to post these photos here as the fund raising show finished in mid May.  Haha, it's my assistant's fault coz she forgot to send back the photos to me!!  Well, still I want to share the photos with you as it's really touching that all the artists in Hong Kong are very united an...Read more

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Charity Work -- Relief of Sichuan Earthquake

Hi all,

In the past 2 months, I did quite a lot of fund raising activities for the relief of Sichuan Earthquake.  Surfing the net, I accidentially found some videos taking by the passers-by and would like to share with you here.  If you are interested in it, please click the link.


Singing outside Hong Kong Cultural Centre (奮鬥)

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Charity Concert for SMA on July 6

I am very lucky to be appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (FSMA) this year and very glad to participate their charity concert on July 6.

It was a charity concert organized by The Hong Kong Medical Association Charitable Foundation Limited and also fully supported by The Hong Kong Medical Association.  A lot of renowned doctors were there and some of them even performed on stage singing opera...Read more

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ATV Music - 4 Men and ME!!!

Hi everyone,

It's been quite a while I didn't update my blog here.  Haven't you guys watched ATV Music tonight?  I was one of the hosts in the program and sang 2 duets with Willy Fung and Albert Cheung (aka Big AL).  I believe ATV will upload part of the program to youtube soon and I will definitely share it with you here.

I have taken some pictures at ATV and share them with all of you here.  Enjoy!


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來自音樂世家的蘇姍,其母親是五、六十年代歌星,自小受音樂薰陶,培養了她對音樂的興趣和熱愛。 蘇姍年少時期已在不同地方表演,其後參加無線電視主辦的『全港酒廊歌手大賽』,並獲得冠軍。 蘇姍擅長演繹中外金曲,歌藝精湛,並展現個人風格。2008年,於香港大會堂舉行了&lt;今宵請你留演唱會&gt;。 翌年再於香港文化中心


english, cantonese, mandarin
Hong Kong
January 15, 2008