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Justin Lin Does Not Like Me Very Much

Well.....blink and you may just miss my role in Finishing The Game....but if you happen to catch my award winning role (that required no real acting on my part) I just want to say for the record that Justin Lin does not like me very much.

He wrote a small role for me, as Connie Popovich and decided rather than have NORMAL 70's hair, (I was thinking Farrah Fawcett meets Lucy Liu) he would get me back for anything bad I've ever done to him.  I can think of not one thing that I have done to offend him so deeply that he made me put on a wig with a perm even my mother would cringe at.  It was a nylon-netted halo of curly, black, close to the head hair.  Why Justin, why?

I'm so freaking psyched for everyone to see this labor of love for the entire team that worked so hard (for cheap!).....it was like summer camp meets Halloween; seeing mostly everyone from Better Luck Tomorrow AND wearing crazy, skin tight, 70's gear.  Let's just say, it was hard to get through any of the takes.

I'm going to be saying lots about the film on MTV and TRL, so I'll let you all know when to tune in and give props!

Let me know, if after recognizing me in the film, YOU think Justin doesn't like me very much.


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I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you then when I go see the film. ;-)
over 12 years ago
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Welcome to AnD, SuChin. One of my real, real good (if not, one of my best) friend used to work with you in SF on STnTs, Garren. Congrats on your MTV work!
over 12 years ago
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haha...I'm sure you look fine. I hope I can get to see the film, it looks great.
over 12 years ago
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hi just saw the film and spotted you right away! while you weren't so fond of the wig, i think it struck a chord with many of us in the audience. at least it did with me - you looked like my mom. and we gotta give respect to our pamma-mamas who came to the states in the 70's and 80's.
over 12 years ago
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Welcome to AnD! I'll keep an eye out for you when I watch the movie.
over 12 years ago
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=] nice seeing you on here ~ I remember watching you on MTV when I used to watch it haha (that doesn't mean anything but the fact that I no longer have cable...lol) i'll look out for you in the movie when I get a chance to see it! =] welcome to And!
over 12 years ago
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Hello Susan, just wanted to pay a visit. You've been doing great in the last decade. Keep it up.
over 12 years ago
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over 12 years ago
I think the wig looks smashing!
over 12 years ago
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sum you win, and dim sum you lose
about 12 years ago


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