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Aspiring film makers!

I love America for the accessibility of watching fantastic movies.

I think Indie movies are stepping up to quality film making beyond studio

based movies.  Watching blockbusters or 50 million dollar movies or famous

actors doesn't automatically deliver quality content anymore in my opinion.

The best movies and best soundtrack so far - - Coco Before Chanel (intelligent chick flick),

An Education and Pirate Radio. I love them all.  Their stories are tight, shot cinematically

specific including art direction and costumes, and their music, music music is wonderful.

And go see City of Lost Children (Dvd) if you haven't already.  

My friend directed Assassination of Richard Nixon, not a happy movie, FYI,

but fabulous dialogue and the wake up call on the atrophy of the human spirit.

I also saw the Ravonettes and noticed they played in Hong Kong before. Dude,

they're a great band in the indie dept.  My favorite song is the Christmas Song.

One of my friends had a wedding reception on halloween, so that minimized my

opportunity to dress up for that particular occasion.  I saw the Alive not dead pictures

of some of my friends' costumes. You guys are so imaginative.

I sadly only have one picture of my state of normalcy on hallow's eve with my John Paul and

with one of my talented artist friends.  If you wish to see more of his work, let me know!

hugs and kisses to all.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
woah ....is it halloween! =D
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Hollywood stinks sometimes when you're around it, but if you come out for air, you can be twice as strong. My blind optimism hopefully is moving toward fearles


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