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time is running out for Hope and glory.only 2 more weeks and the whole show is dismantled and recycled.if you haven't already been, here's some shots of what you're missing.....

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i'm there next wednesday night!
almost 11 years ago
Gracehuang bc gracehuangprofilepic3
It'll be so sad when it's gone!!! I blogged about it & told everyone I have come into contact with the past few days, especially locals who might not know about it otherwise.
almost 11 years ago
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I feel really bad that the show is ending in late May that I am not given a chance to come, since I wont be in HK until June. Photographs and videos just cant speak up for the power for installations. I'd very much wanna experience it myself in person. However from the videos I feel like the Shunt Vault in London is another perfect venue for the exhibition :)
almost 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
see you next week!
almost 11 years ago
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This is one of my favourite pieces, I love the thought behind it.
almost 11 years ago
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One of the best pieces I've seen in a long time. Wish I could of experienced it.
almost 11 years ago
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Sorry I haven't been yet! I'll be there Wednesday! I walked passed while getting my lunch today and was tempted to go and have a quick look, but I want to really enjoy it on Wednesday night.
almost 11 years ago
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i belive that place is for real... and is a nice place :)
almost 11 years ago


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