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Travels in Europe

Hi Eveyone and sorry for being lazy on this blog ! After a very busy year, I'll leave South Korea for a few weeks. My plan is to go to Magala in Spain from the 18th to the 28th of July, for the music festival Música Nueva Málaga Internacional( http://www.musicanuevamalaga.com/). My Chamber orchestra piece UNDERNEATHwill be played there, along with other contemporary composer's music. From the 28th, I'll go to Berlin, in Germany, where I got invited for the screening of OLD BOY (on the 30th, or the 31st) at the thearther ufaFabrik ( http://www.ufafabrik.de/). It's my friend Manuel Goettching a.k.a. Mr. ASHRA(check out his website here : http://www.ashra.com/) who organized this event. Then I'll stay a few days in Paris before going back to Korea.


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have fun! sounds like a good trip.
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I'm Shim Hyun-jung (심 현 정), a film music composer from South Korea.

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