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got rabbit

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Illustration for Torture Garden event

Halloween party at FLY Facebook event:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=176534512429684+

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my hands always get colorful while I paint

a few splotches today and I thought completing the entire mess

quick manipulation

lotsa nirvana again. addictiveVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BE1KRj5iiM

and if you save yourself

you will make him happy

he'll keep you in a jar

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franks a bird

who fed on a lot of the wrong food.

water color play around

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Dark Spy Interview: English

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Dark Spy Interview


Just got a copy of an interview for Dark Spy Magazine

Edition No. 42

Been translated

Es ist alles auf Deustch!

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30 Seconds to Mars @ KITEC

Saw them last night!

(not the best pics but here they are anyway)

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Somewhere in the US

It is now homed somewhere in the US.

This was my first time exhibiting work abroad and first time I've sold an artwork

Thanks to curator of the Speaking In Tongues Exhibition, Buddy Nestor, for inviting me to share work on that side of...Read more

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I'm in need to get some high quality and detailed shots of some artwork I've done for my portfolio

Anyone know of any photographers/studios that can do this?

If you can get quite fine detail in a long shot and great color accuracy with no shadow or angle problems - youre amazing!

I still need to master the use of my camera

or get the right lens

and maybe construct a studio in my living room?


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in the workbook

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March 2, 2008