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INSIDEartzine #15

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Cut off your fingers.

From a short film shoot - late 2009

first time doing something like this, was lots of fun!

Dog on set who found the working model prop to be used. One of those arms you'd find at the costume street in Central

It was for a scene where a man gets his fingers cut off.

Red as hell.

So had to be coated with paint.

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PressureHour & Seiji

Some freelance work  for club Fly

Pressure Hour (NOTE: DATES CHANGED - Launching June 29 (Wed) Every last Wednesday of the month thereafter 6pm onwards)

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Feature in Inside Artzine #15

A featured work in issue #15


Featured piece - a photomanipulation I did some time back

Borrrland Dark

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Prints and Canvas

Some recent prints and canvas

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high school bullying

not sure when this case happened but its absolutely revolting to see the state of some youth existing today. its beyond disappointing and sad to see.

hope the victim has been taken care of properly

as for the teenagers involved in this, a severe enough message hopefully has gone through

not just to them, but anyone anywhere who part takes in such sickening behavior

they should be sick to their stomachs with themselves.

its insane how badly people can treat each other, especially at a young age w...Read more

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Speaking In Tongues Exhibition


Borrowed from Kazilla on facebook

Great shots from the show

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Poubelle International EP Release Party @ Grappas

Poubelle International's EP Sans Controlle Release Party

Grappas Cellar

Some pics from an AWESOME show

Excuse the image quality - camera could only go so far

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Poubelle International: EP Launch: Sans Contrôle

Got invited to show some artwork at this upcoming EP release party for an awesome band - Poubelle International

Its a fun casual showing of works which I got the pleasure of being part of and will be on display near the entrance of Grappas.

I'll be showing some mixed media and digital work in canvas or print (if the prints arrive on time). (and I get new canvases done within the next two days)

STUFF will be there with the works of talented artists Danny Kostianos and Matt Bailey. <...Read more

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