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Dark Spy Interview: English

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Das INSIDE artzine pr äsentiert:

Shann Larsson

Wir hatten ja schon öfters K üntsler in dieser Rubrik, deren eigenes Abbild als Grundlage f ür ihre abgehfahrene Kunst diente, doch selten wurde das so krass consequent durchgezogen, wie bei der 24j ährigen aus Hong Kong. Wer immer schon mal wissen wolte, ob solche K ünstler selbstverliebte Egomanen oder doch vielleicht eher selbsthassende Schizos sind... hier die Antworten. You often use yourself as a model. This seems to indicate, that all this works has a self-reflective character?Yes, I do often use my own image as a model for my photo-manipulation works - sometimes deliberate, sometimes out of convenience. Its not easy to find the time and person to direct in what you’d like to do over here, especially within this style.They are self-reflective pieces. I have a lot on my mind, constantly. But they are also indirectly so as expressions or responses to experiences, events or situations within society and so less so about me but what I see.In lot of your " self portraits" you transform your own image into something "ugly" or "harsh". Are all this images about you?If so, do you think it's make you stronger or more vulnerable?

Sometimes people mention, that the stuff in the INSIDE artzine is to negative, too ugly. So what's your definition of "beauty"?!Who the hell said its ugly ahaI must admit that you are one of the very few female contribution in the INSIDE artzine. I know there are millions of highly talented girls/women out there, producing fantastic art, but rather infrequent in the dark realms.  Is it a prejudice that female art is more focused on the positive aspects of life?This is my first interview with an artist living in Hong Kong. Just tell us a little bit about the art scene there.Are there any guidelines or repressions of the authorities?! Is it a different there to be a male or female artist?You seem to be a very multitalented artist, your range differs from painting to digital works up to sculptural works. Do you have an artistically schooling?Admired artists?I have admiration for a lot of artists works here and there. For those that come first to mind  -Gottfried Helnwein – all time favorite. I love how thought provoking his work is.I love artwork that makes you think or feel. He covers issues with the human condition and the ills of society which I find very intriguing.What are your plans for the future? Exhibitions, projects?Is there still hope for mankind or would it be better if somebody dispose everything in the sewer of the evolutionary failure?check out the magazine!got Rammstein, Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode etc (its in German though)can order it online here:http://www.dark-spy.com/website/ 

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Great interview.
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