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Some thoughts on Management

This is kind of a boring topic, but just some random thoughts on managing a company.....

prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /Communication is really key:


I find that a lot of staff here in China at time don’t know what they are doing, I think there should be simple steps on intro of the firm and how things work (hence, staff handbook, or orientation) to not only make them feel welcomed, but also make them feel less helpless. Chinese employees are not known as the type of p...Read more

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNzrwh2Z2hQ Its been a while since I've blogged.


but I must share this, BEST SONG/MASHUP EVER!

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Back in Hong Kong for 2 weeks!

Anyone in town for x-mas!?!?! :D

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traveled a lot last month, my favorite city so far has to be Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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I'm alive~!

Hey guys,

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, here is what I have been up to!

Traveled in Yun nan with my mom for about a week

Korea for 3 days

NYC and caught up with old friends

went to South America (Brazil, Argentina and Peru ) for 3 weeks

back in NYC for a few days

I have now officially relocated to Shanghai and am here for a while!


It was great seeing AnD people here in SH this past weekend, i felt a lot better about being here knowing that I have some friends ...Read more

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Last Day~

Hey guys!

As some of you may know already, tomorrow will be my last day here at alivenotdead.com! It's been a great year getting to know everyone. As far as my plans go, i haven't really decided but do know that i'll be traveling for a little while during the months of June and July, (States and South America etc.)

so if you are in town, come by and say hi at the 2nd Anniversary party of alivenotdead.com! I'll likely be there to cheer everyone on~ Of course, i'll continue to support all of our events and other ...Read more

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Life is a process, during this process, you are constantly being challenged with the question of the "trade off". Everything you do is a trade off of being able to do something else. Deciding what to do everyday is not easy when you want to maximize the quality of life. It might sound so systematic but for me, this is where priority comes in. Once you have the priority, then you have your focus and goal. motivation and discipline is also key.

I need to be inspired.... Read more

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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
  Take the quiz too! or

  Visit the adidas Originals Profile

<...Read more
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the WILD _______ Party~ x adidas House Party

ok the adidas tag line is just to catch your attention, unfortunately we have already sent out the tickets to the winners and there are no more tickets available.


there is also this other GREAT PARTY at M1nt on the same night of the event =)


If you are not going to adidas or want to come by after the party, check ...Read more

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i like funny people.

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