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Some thoughts on Management

This is kind of a boring topic, but just some random thoughts on managing a company.....

prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /Communication is really key:


I find that a lot of staff here in China at time don’t know what they are doing, I think there should be simple steps on intro of the firm and how things work (hence, staff handbook, or orientation) to not only make them feel welcomed, but also make them feel less helpless. Chinese employees are not known as the type of people to speak their mind. Additionally, first impression of the firm truly is the key motivator of a person’s career progression at a firm.


1.       Employee welcome handbook

2.       Welcome lunch

3.       “experienced prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Mentor” to show them the ropes (i.e. someone to intro them to the rest of the team etc)

4.       WEEKLY meetings – this is important because people can get caught in what they are doing and become un-aware of their environment





As complex as it sounds, laying a solid foundation from day 1 is important for a firm that is looking to scale. It might not have to be something so detailed, but an assembly line of the 5 Ws for everything, from how to get a contract signed, how to draft a contract, how to post up an ad on your site, contact list, who are the go to people for what. Everything should have simple steps for these are the ground tools for basic operations of a company.



Talent and Personality of the employees:


Hiring a group of experienced people is pretty important too, I would personally invest in that. But at the same time, just because they are “smart” on paper or scored a 140 on their IQ test might not mean that they will be a loyal or hard working person or automatically understand everything.


Important traits to watch out for: loyalty (through resume and working experience), team player/personality (through interviews) and many others through prohibition period. Other ways to motivate the employees could also be merit based, i.e. raise or just some gift certificate when a project well done.


Look for leadership qualities in a potential hire because you would eventually want them to lead the rest of the company while you are leading this person. (Right hand man)



anyway.... random.. !




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i like funny people.

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