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US of A

Off to the States for 2.5 weeks... this time for a girlfriend's wedding. First really good friend of mine whos actually gettin married. Feels weird thinking that 4 years ago we were still running around NYC asian parties and getting drunk like no other. guess everyone has to grow up one day. Well, congrats Tina and Jay, you guys made it........better be a damn good party if im missing the Olympics AND wearing that pink brides' maid dress for it.  >;)

Congrats guys. nuttin but love.


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very nice picture ... when will u get marry shan ??? :-)
almost 16 years ago
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Jay's got pretty big arms.
almost 16 years ago
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Going to NYC?
almost 16 years ago
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thanks for your blog comment. how's the US treating ya? still getting ready for the big wedding? i remember when my first really good friend got married, it was weird at first but maybe it's time for me to start growing up!
almost 16 years ago


i like funny people.

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