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Why Young People in HK Need to Vote

Ostensibly, it is my job to be an inspiration to young people and to provide a voice of reason and wisdom (ha!).

Then again, I amAmerican.

So I offer my PSA to motivate the youth of Hong Kong to take part in the democratic process.

Hey Hong Kong, do you want democracy or not? Pre-emptively deporting protesters is NOT DEMOCRATIC. I thought you wanted freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech means putting up with things you don't like to hear so that other people have to put up with you too.

Oh, I forget. HKers want democracy without the inconvenience.

If  Puerto Rico asked the US when they can become Communist, wouldn't you just laugh? How can we give them something WE DON'T HAVE???

20% of the Basic Agreement period is gone. Don't hold your breath. You will never be allowed to vote. It is antithetical to your ruling body. They wouldn't know democracy if it bit them in the ass. They will wait, and come 2047 my advice to you is to shut the f@#$ up and do as you are told.

Besides, if Hong Kong had voting, don't you think Shanghai would throw a hissy fit? Beijing? Guangzhou? See where this leads?

We can all dream, but then again we need to wake up.

But don't worry; making loud promises to disallow protests is a good step towards falling into line with Maximum Hu. You'll all do very well, especially since you have little choice in the matter.

Go ahead and call me an asshole; you'll just sound like my mother.

Oh, and this photo makes me feel unclean:

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They vote for the candidates that are chosen for them. Be glad you live in a country whose fences keep people out, not in... Yes, Aaron looks simian. I see that mug (and those abs) every time I go to the gym. Between he and Rick, I feel like I will never get anywhere...
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