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"What are you, f@#$in' retahhhded?"

I finally watched The Departed today.

I really got a lot of laughs out of the dialogue. I remember when it played in theatres here, a lot of local people wondered why the remake of Infernal Affairs had so much profanity.

"That's how people in South Boston talk," I would tell them.

And they dotalk like that. I grew up in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Listening to the characters profanely insult one another at every opportunity made me nostalgic. It reminded me of Christmas.

The Cantonese in the film was laughable too, but not in a good way. My Cantonese sucks and it's better than these guys.You'd think they could get real Cantophones for the money they spent making this movie.

Or realize that people involved in espionage for the Chinese government are more likely to be Mandarin speakers...

This was certainly not Scorsese's best effort. The final shot of the film is laughably bad, not just for the bad CGI, but for what the CGI is. Ham-fisted allegory like that belongs in Blood Brothers, not a Scorsese picture.

I'd say he did a good job remaking IA, except that he'd be the first to deny it's a remake. He actually said it's inspired by Infernal Affairs, not a remake:



What a tool.

If it's not a remake, why did Warner Brothers pay Andrew Lau US$1.75 million for REMAKE RIGHTS?

What are you, f@#$in' retarded?

I'll make you an offer you can't refuse; let's call it slavishly inspired by.

Marty claims he's never seen IA, and neither has the guy who did the screenplay.

Takes more than a director to make a movie, and I'd bet dollars to doughnuts more than one person who helped make Departedsaw IA. It's completely undeniable, right down to blocking and camera angles.

The only other possible explanation is that we're drifiting into that Tarantinian alternate universe of astounding coincidence.

What's wrongwith these f@#$ing people?

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Like I said, Warner Bros. has a canceled check. It's just ridiculous. The funny part is, can you imagine ANY other industry trying to say that? Like a PC iPod being 'inspired' by Mac?
about 14 years ago
As the camera pans over the Boston skyline, a rat runs along the railing on Matt Damon's balcony. A friggin' rat...
about 14 years ago


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