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Men, Women, Sex, and... Shoes

Women think about

shoes the way men think about sex. 

Women love to have lots of different shoes.

A woman can never have enough shoes.

A woman always remembers her first pair of shoes.

Women would own one of each kind of shoe in the world if they could.

Foreign shoes are sexy.

Sometimes women get the same shoe in different colors.

Never wear club shoes to church.

Women remember shoes from twenty years ago and miss them.

It’s great to find an old pair of shoes that are still comfortable.

Women like to keep a few special pairs in rotation.

Sometimes you see shoes from the 80s and you’re embarrassed.

Sometimes a shoe looks so good that you don’t even mind that it was cheap

Sometimes a shoe feels so good that women don’t mind that it’s not pretty.

Women would rather have a shoe that’s too small than too big.

Sometimes women wear shoes once then throw them away.

Women shop for shoes while


There’s nothing a woman likes more than a surprise pair of shoes.

Free shoes are great, but usually you pay for shoes.

A decent woman would never buy used shoes.

Women know better than to shop for shoes when they’re drunk.Men think about

shoes the way women think about sex.Men don’t see why you need so many pairs of shoes.

Isn’t one good pair of shoes enough?

How many shoes do you really need?

Isn’t comfort more important than looks?

What’s wrong with the shoes you have now?

These shoes are old, but they’re broken in, and they’ll last for a long time.

If you own too many shoes then any one pair can’t mean that much to you.

Your feet look like that because of all those cheap shoes you wore in the 80s.

You never keep old shoes, you just go out and get the newest ones.

Do you have to look at shoes when I’m with you?

Were you looking at shoes on the internet again?

What’s this credit card charge to


I can’t believe you get shoe catalogs delivered to our house.

Those shoelaces I found in the bedroom don’t match any of the shoes in this house.

Don’t let me catch you bringing shoes into this house.

If you could have only one pair of shoes for life, which would they be?

Don’t throw those shoes out, they can be fixed.

You were talking about shoes in your sleep.

Your brother bought our son his first pair of shoes.


Women get to keep their old shoes in the house. Is that fair?

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"How often do women ask men to throw out their old shes and vice versa?" If AnD gave prizes for Freudian slips, you'd win!!! Men only polish their shoes when they can't play 'footsie' with their partner. I think if you polish a woman's shoes first, footsie is more fun. So does she! Lots of women believe they need lots of shoes. I've worn a lot of bad shoes, but I'm also damn tired of being barefoot!
over 15 years ago
You never know if you want to wear them one more time, just to see if they still feel good. I don't blame you!
over 15 years ago


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