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Mahjong World Series 2008, Macau

Yeah, sureI'm gonna pay US$5,000 to get tossed out in the first round...

But I'll probably go watch. It will be the closest thing to a mahjong movie come to life, so how can I resist? I might even see Wong Jing...

I love to play Mahjong, though I am terribly slow, and probably not very good. I am learning to play to win, but also not to lose. I don't play very often, but I take what chances I can get.

I win a few hands, too, which always amuses people here, and sometimes makes them insist that from now on, I have to play for money.

Today I played a couple hours with friends, and I won a few hands. Out of habit, I generally try to build a hand from one 'suit,' whether circles, bamboo, or numbers.

Only one flower. Then again, guys like me rarely get flowers...

Kong of fat choi!

Those are my tiles and table, by the way. Obviously I will resort to almost anything to be able to play.

I always enjoy hearing the sound of people 'washing' tiles in estates or behind doors. Sometimes I wish I could go to the mahjong clubs, but I can easily see myself leaving ten minutes later without any money or clothes.

I may bring some friends, though; it would be fun just for the experience, like those restaurants where you can have your own mahjong room and then go out and eat. And then go back and play more mahjong!

I would love to watch a person 'cheating;' Ever notice in movies that when Andy Lau has to make noodles, it's only hands that you see? I love to see displays of dexterity, and someone cheating at mahjong would fascinate me if I could see it done live.

I hope if I live here long enough that someday I will be part of a gang of retired people who sit around all day and play mahjong. It would be nice for  a lot of reasons.

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