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Kill Me Now

Sharon Stone says the earthquake is bad karma.

Building an entire career out of  a "Hello Kitty" homage isn't? Why is Sharon Stone famous? For supposedly being 'duped' into showing off her [humorous but deeplyaffectionate term for female genitalia] in a movie.

Like we didn't know she hadone? Or didn't know what it looked like?

Hey, I loveto look at them, but the simple truth is that they all kinda look the same. I've seen one before that looked just like hers. In fact, I think it belonged to the woman I saw Basic Instinct with...

The ones that are unique, I don't want to see.

Then again...

Show me Jamie Lee Curtis' crotch; she's been rumored to be a hermaphrodite for decades.

Jesus, how did I get here?

But this is important, believe it or not. I need you to remember that we're talking about a professional flasherand nothing else.

Who, for reasons unknown to everyone (except probably  Noam Chomsky and the late Marshall McLuhan), actually gets listened towhen that hole in their face makes noise.

Why the f@#$ is some two-bit, over-aged skank's pseudo-mystical, archetypal Californinanity (there's a reason it's called the land of fruits and nuts) deserving of the classification 'news'?

Who f@#$ing cares what she says (or whom Angelina Jolie is endorsing for president) or what any movie star thinks about anything other than the movies they were in?

When did the inane, moronic drivel of Hollyweird's multitudes become newsworthy, much less deserving of anything other than exuberant contempt?

Sadly, when people listen to it.

Once again, Chinese people have their drawers in a twist because God forbid, someone said something critical of China.Even if what they said was laughably pedantic and so intellectually stunted that if it was a child, it would ride the short bus and wear a football helmet 24/7.

I'm not saying people shouldn't get mad if their nation is insulted.

Imagine Henry Kissinger showing up drunk on The Today Show, puking on the host and saying " F@#$ China, Taiwan is the realChina. Who f@#$ing cares about these people? Nixon only talked to them because he wanted to get his hands on two pandas... and make them fight! We'd get them crazy on speed, antagonize them into a frenzy and let them tear each other to pieces! We'd eat them! Dick was going to use the pelts to make his wife a fur coat!"

Then, I'd see your point. An elder statesman, a politician in real life (not the movies), saying mean, hurtful things about a nation in totality and one of its national symbols in particular.

(Yes, I do realize there may be a website about mein about an hour...)

But Sharon-flashing-Stone?

News flash: She's an idiot. Wedon't listen to her.

The Dalai clique doesn't either. There's no need to build websites, make statements, or decide not to carry her movies in your theatre chains. You're not missing much, and it ain't like she gets a lot of work.

That's a gross overreaction. And it looks stupid.

Please: Don'tbe stupid. Ignore her. Wedo.

You want to punish her? Make her watch her own movies.

No one else does.

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